First Listen! BRM - Who the Goat ft. C Duffle & Mike Sarge BRM - Who the Goat ft. C Duffle & Mike Sarge Drops Oct 26th

WHO THE GOAT?? Is a question you hear a lot in sports circles about different players or teams! But there is no question who the GOAT, Greatest of All Time really is. Jesus coming down off of his thrown to die for all of us so that we could have eternal life and a relationship with him, truly makes him the G.O.A.T! BRM brings some friends with him on this track with C Duffle singing a super catchy and trendy hook, while BRM and Mike Sarge tell you why the Trinity; GOD/JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT is the GOAT!!! Click the link and Take a listen 

BRM - Who the Goat ft C Duffle & Mike Sarge.mp3

Drops Oct 26th, Can pre-save on spotify and iTunes 


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