Daily Devotional: Yeshua, Our Loving Example

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  • Yeshua is our example of love. Being the sinless Son of God, he loved both God and people perfectly in His time on earth.


  • Yeshua met a woman drawing water at a well and met her with love. We can learn much about how Jesus loved people from this profound interaction found in John Chapter 4.


  • Yeshua didn’t shy away from people different from Him. The woman at the well was a Samaritan, a group of people despised by the Jews. He loved her despite her differences.
  • Yeshua drew near to people, meeting them in their place of brokenness and sin. He knew full well that this woman was a sinner, yet he spoke to her, challenged her, and loved her, not despite her sinful state but because of it!


  • Yeshua gave people what they most desperately needed. The woman at the well might have had personal, physical, and financial needs, but Jesus knew that ultimately, she just needed Him.


  • We are to love others the way Yeshua loved them. We can love them with the love of the Lord despite their different race or ethnicity, and despite their sin and brokenness.








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