Daily Devotional: When You Need Help, Draw Near to God

When we walk away from God, when we walk away from his Word, when we walk away from fellowship with him, we enter into a spiritual zone of problems. The spiritual always precedes the physical when things go awry in our lives, because we've walked away from God. They show up in our circumstances. When we move from him, then we see a devolution of life. We devolve into pain and aches and regrets and stresses that god never desired for us to have.


But what we've done is we've created spiritual distance, the further we move from God, the closer we are to the consequences of negatively being impacted by life's realities. Now we know just being alive, even if you're a great person doesn't mean that you don't have challenges, but the difference is you can have challenges with God or without him. You can have challenges in close proximity or challenges, because you've wandered so far from him. You're out there on your own, the spiritual consequences of our abandonment of intimacy with the father will always lead to regrets in life. And you let those regrets go long enough, because we've stayed far enough for far too long and you watch your life and even those that you influence unravel right before your eyes.


So since the consequences are spiritually founded, the solution is spiritual as well. When we get back into right relationship with god, then we free him up to address our situations. Our circumstances, our pain and our problems in a fresh way so that we find healing from the sores and scars that we brought on because we wandered too far from home, come back home. Your father is waiting for your return.

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