Daily Devotional: START EACH DAY WITH GOD - Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

When you start your day, you have to start with God, And you need to do some things on purpose that you need to make a decision. This is the day the Lord has made. I will enjoy this day Announce to Satan. Who is the thief of joy? I will enjoy today. I lay bare - and I know who I am in Christ I put my safety down. Jesus gave me peace. I will not be disturbed today. If I don't get my way over everything. If the right to deal with God is the first thing when you wake up whenever your morning is, If not matter what he said throughout the Bible, Wake up early in the morning take on the tough tasks and get them off the road. First, Don't let some of the jobs you have to do threaten you all day and make you fear the day David got up early on the day that Goliath was killed.


You won't kill your giants lying in bed by hitting the snooze button. I think, every morning we need to devote ourselves to God. Let's look at Psalm 25:1 To you, Lord make my life simple and simple. I bring out this psalm a lot and read it. I love Psalm 25:1 to you, Lord, do I bring my life? It's great to just do every morning Sit stand, kneel or whatever you are comfortable with just raise your hands and say here I am the Lord. I am yours Every morning we have to go to him and say God show me. My mission Show me what to do. Show me where to go. Give me the words to speak, Ask for wisdom and guidance.


This is an act of surrender, It takes humility to say God, you know what's best for me. I can't do this on my own. I need your help. Open the right doors, close the wrong doors, make the path clear. The Bible says: when you confess God in all your ways, He will guide your way, But often we make our plans without Consulting God. Then we ask him to bless those plans. We wonder why this is a struggle, Why it always feels so daunting. We have it back. We move and then ask God for help. The right way is to ask God first God. What do you want me to do? Should I be dating this person? Do I start this new project? Should I make this purchase If you feel at peace about it, go ahead, if not Stop, knowing, God knows what's best for you, When you ask God for wisdom every morning You show your dependence on it. When you are humbled like this, the Bible says that God will lift you up Lots of people these days They are so proud. I think I don't need any help.


If you began to confess to God, Think about the mistakes, he could have saved you from Think about opportunity, benefit and doors. You cannot open, but God can open, Don't do it alone, as this will limit you Set your mind every morning I will be a peacemaker and a peacemaker. I would be able to adapt. If I didn't get my way, then I would adapt and would be happy anyway In Galatians 10. It is extremely important to be a blessing, Spend some time each day. Thinking about something you can do for someone else and do early Set your mindset to complement each person. You wander around to find something Nice to tell them Think. Sometimes, Oh, that cute outfit you got or your boy hair is beautiful. Why don't you open your mouth and say that what you think bless? No one Tell them The more you praise others, the better. You will feel Have your mind, praise the person you married at least five times today. Did you know that your marriage could be saved if you did, And it's not just that people will respond to the positive things you say to them and they'll start wanting you to make you happy?


You can't just complain about everything you don't like. Pay attention to be a blessing Come. I challenge you every morning to think of someone who can be a blessing to you.


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