In most cases the chase is after goodly and godly women. Everyone wants to be around people that guarantee peace and good vibes, especially in the decision of life partners. Every woman wants to have a circle of friends that uplifts her in every way and in just the same way, godly women like to be surrounded by fellow godly, men and godly men want to marry godly women too. So there are four qualities to know a woman is a godly woman 

She loves the Lord with all her heart. She's lost in the lord and lost in his love. She values him more than anything or anyone else, she's not concerned about material and physical possessions, as she is concerned about god, Matthew, 6:33 says but first and foremost importantly seek aim and strive after his kingdom and his righteousness his way of doing and being right. The attitude and character of God and all these things will be given to you. Also. She recognizes that God is for her, and so she does everything with God in it. She's conscious of her intentions with God and hence doesn't joke with her relationship with him.


She puts him in front and at the center of her life, ensuring that her God is involved in her daily life and activities, regardless of how busy her schedule is. She never lets anything get in between her time with God. She loves God with all her heart and is ready to do anything for him, regardless of what the request is.  And just like John chapter 14:15 says, if you really love me, you will keep and obey my commandments. She is meticulous to obey God's commandment and to keep his statuses. She is not careful to reason what the world or others would say about, loving God or having a relationship with him. 


She has wise behavior and brutal speech just like proverbs 31: 26 explains she opens her mouth in skillful and godly wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. Giving counsel and instruction a Godly woman is conscious of her words because she understands the power of life and death lies in the tongue and she's not allowed and supposed to use her tongue to speak, curse, words or slander. People she's mindful of her speech both of public and private places, lest they be used against her. She practices the Word of God from James 1:19, which says know this my beloved brothers. Let every person be quick to hear slow to speak and slow to anger. Her speeches are rather full of wisdom than profane babblings.


She is easy on her words and she filters her thoughts because she knows her thoughts from her words. She honors God and people around her, especially those that have superior authority over her. She does not disrespect people, let alone the people placed above her she's obedient to authority and by all means gets along with everyone, regardless of societal standards or financial levels. She treats everyone equally, with love kind, heart and attracting child, she has a forgiving spirit and easily lets go of wrongs and ill doings with zero intentions of revenge.


She is always willing to offer a helping hand and doesn't hesitate to do good. She offers her services to God and to people in all humanity. Without an iota of pride in it,  A godly woman, will always teach and tell others about Christ. Titus, chapter 2:3 - 5 says older women, similarly, are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious, gossips nor addicted to much wine. Teaching what is right and good, so that they may encourage the young woman to tenderly love their husbands and their, to be sensible, pure and makers of a home where god is honored, good, natured being subject to their own husband, so that the Word of god will not be dishonored. A godly woman is quick to talk about christ and the gift of salvation. In whatever situation she finds herself. She's, always ready and happy to preach the gospel of Christ. To give the right and most god-centric advice to people, most importantly, not just does her speech move people to christ, but her actions too her lifestyle, even without words, speaks volumes of our relationship with god, she's, not a double-faced christian, nor a multifaceted person. She is straight and stable in her ways she matches her words with her deeds and they're very much similar preaching the same thing and drawing people to god's kingdom.


A godly woman is rare to find. Just being a churchgoer doesn't guarantee a godly woman. The godliness of a lady or a woman is found in her words and actions. Her insides govern her outside. So, no matter the efforts put in to conceal who she truly is her true character and attitude will show forth in no time.  A godly woman, speaks and knows the truth at all times. She has a deep understanding of the things of God and is always heavily conscious and godly.


Guided all actions that she performs is guided by the wisdom of God. She is such a woman that puts God first. I know it seems, like every statement has been made, is God centered. But that's the truth, because the Bible says that we are created for his pleasure. So if every human being will know this much especially the ones that we spend the rest of our lives with a large number of the issues, we have would not be had a large number of the issues that we have will not even come to light.


We hear stories of a lot of homes breaking we hear stories of a lot of destruction in homes today, so it may not be any fault of the woman, obviously, but it shows that there was a hole there. Woman of God, I want you to know that you have a voice, you have a voice with the father, you are his treasured jewel. You are the apple of God's eyes and you have a role to play. You have a role to play in how things turn out, and i want you to understand something you are in high demand, ignore what social media is telling you ignore what the pop culture says. I want you to understand this.


You are in high demand. You are a homemaker, you are the very fabric that keeps a home together. You are the very foundation that holds society. Society stands today because of strong women, strong god-fearing, godly women, and for as many that can hear this message, I believe God is making you into such strong godly women. Women that love the Lord and are successful in every area of their lives. Their businesses want to be envied, their homes are models to homes all around.


They may not be totally perfect, but they are surely being used by God. These are the kind of women we see. That is the kind of woman that is listening to this message. Right now, I may not care how bad your past has been, but you are what God talks about, if you can believe the word of god concerning your life. If you can believe what God says about you, that you are a woman of virtue that you are a jewel of inestimable value, that your price is worth more than rupees, if you can believe the word of God, it will make you what it talks about, and This is who you are. You are the apple of god's eyes. You are worth far more than rubies, you are valuable to God's kingdom and you are valuable to the world at large. There'S not too many of you. That is why you are that valuable. So I want you to keep this in mind the next time when it seems as though things are not aligning up for you.


Keep in your mind that God is preparing you, woman of God, God is preparing you, God is preparing you so that you can go somewhere to happen. You are a once in a lifetime kind of woman and anywhere you step is blessed. The man you end up with is a blessed man. The children you bear are blessed. The bible says her husband wakes up in the morning to call her blessed. You are a blessing. That is why you can bless others. I want you to believe this, because this is who God says you are and once again I don't care how bad it has been. I don't care the life you lived before. You came across this message, but you, woman of God, if, regardless of what your past has been, you are valuable to God.


You are valuable and as from this day, the grace to walk in that light has been released. The grace to walk in the light of who god says you are has been released. You are a woman of virtue. You are a woman of virtue. You are a woman of inestimable value.


You just like the bible says, are far worth more than rubies. God bless you 

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