Daily Devotional: Prayer Posture | Psalm 141:2 |

What are your prayers like when you're in trouble? Are they sweet? In Psalm 141 there's a sweet prayer from a person experiencing serious trouble? This individual has turned to God during his struggle entering into a conversation that echoes lines of the lord's prayer in Matthew 6:13. In The Lord's Prayer, Jesus taught his followers to ask God for deliverance from evil and temptations, because all people experience challenges in life and must choose how to respond. Since God doesn't abandon us in our struggles, we can ask for his help amid all of our experiences.


Yes, we will have struggles, yet we can always submit them to God in hope. Psalm 141:2 is part of a sweet earnest prayer that calls on God with a confidence that he can help. 


May my prayer be [a]counted as incense before You;

The raising of my hands as the evening offering.


In the days when this psalm was written, the sweet, incense aroma would accompany the sacrifice made for the purpose of obtaining forgiveness and cleansing the smell of incense refers specifically to worship, as does the offering of a sacrifice as part of the practice the people obeyed when coming before God. 


The prayer pictures a humble person submitted to god, with hands, lifted up and spread out in worship a posture, acknowledging god's holiness power and faithfulness and that he is worthy of our praise. Whatever the situation, this Psalm encourages us to worship our almighty God who is able to deliver us in all of our troubles? How pleased God must be when we seek his power during our difficulties when we recognize his holiness and submit our faith in him in worshipful sweet prayer.






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