Daily Devotional: Ladies Start Living On A Different Level | Part 1

We are called to be mighty women of God. We are called to be mighty women of God. We call to be mighty women of God, say it with me. We are called to be my women of God. I don't care what you've been through. I don't care how bad your week is going I promise you you are called to be mighty. 


We need women who will pray, who will fast, who will worship who are tired of waiting on everybody else to do it. Who will keep hammering in prayer. Hammering and fasting hammering and saying you're getting out of my family you're getting out of my home, I'm not gonna let drugs win, I'm not gonna let addiction win! I'm not gonna Let unforgiveness win! I'm not gonna let hell tear my family all to pieces through rebellion. It's going over the wall and I have power and victory in Jesus name. A a woman of God You have authority, women of God to get ruthless with devils and demons and say I will have no sympathy no division in my family and in my home I can throw you over the wall and I tell you what Satan is afraid of. is women who are not only faithful to God, faithful to their families, faithful to their husbands, faithful to their children, faithful to what God has called them to do, but they're peaceable, they are a peacemaker. They have a peaceable spirit, not a troublemaking spirit,  The Bible teaches us in Ephesians 6:10


Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.


It's why there's  witnesses cheering us on. Because it's our turn right here and there will be the mighty men and women who were willing in the midst of much fear, instead of getting the virus and fear, they were willing to stand up on their feet and fight the good fight with a shield of faith in one hand and a sword of the Spirit which is the word of God in the other hand. And you want on that list, and so do I, because I was called to be a mighty woman of God.


There is something to be said for an enterprising woman. Somebody who, every day when they wake up and before they go to bed, they are thinking about everything that is going to take to make their life a life of quality. They are not sitting around hoping something good happens today. They made up in their mind, I'm gonna make something good happen today then I sit around hoping and wishing and thinking and believing that something's gonna drop out of the sky, but there is something down in her that says, I've got to be busy.

I've got to be about something: I've got to be building something that I can take pride in,  and the people around me can take pride in. If I know that I'm going to establish something in this earth that makes the world a better place. I know how I'm gonna be when I get in America. I know how I'm gonna be when I run a business, when I get the job I'll, never treat anyone like that. I know how I'm gonna do it. I just don't know when I'm ever gonna get the job. I know how, but I don't know where, but I'm still preparing, like God is going to tell me somewhere along this journey, that x marks the spot that if you keep walking and draggin all of your tools and all of your experiences, somebody needs to be a bag lady in this season, I'm not leaving nothing behind I'm taking everything with me, because when I get to the spot where God tells me to build, I promise you I'm gonna build an altar. When a wise woman builds, She builds, her hands are busy. She is busy making decisions about her finances and about her family and about her health. She is always bringing things into her life that are building towards something that she can take pride in.






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