Daily Devotional: Kingdom Men Submit

Daily Devotional: Kingdom Men Submit

The Kingdom Man's life starts with his personal submission to Jesus Christ. It starts with his fear of God. To fear God means to take God seriously as opposed to taking God casually. It has to do with the fact that you live with a divine awareness. That God is ever-present wherever you go and whatever you do.

It means that God's view, God's thoughts and God's Word comes on the front end of decision making not the back end And when you fall short, you go back to God and you confess it repent of it and get back in sync with surrender. God wants us to cry "uncle''. When it comes to Him. If a man refuses to submit to God, then God cannot control His personal life.


And when God can't control the personal life of a man, all the other areas of that man's life become suspect, because he has no divine support for the other areas, as Husband, Father as churchman as a community leader.

You don't have divine support because God has not taken over ultimate control of your life, And so what God wants you to do on a daily basis as a Kingdom, Man is to come before Him and say:, "God. I give you my day.


I give you my life, I give you my mind, I give you my mouth, I give you my walk, my talk, my movements, you own me today and I give up ownership that Your Spirit might use this man to be the man you created me to be, And help me to settle for nothing less"

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