Daily Devotional: In the Morning Give Me Jesus | Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

In the morning before you go anywhere, You get up and you make a decision. I belong to God. I don't belong to myself and when I go out, when I go out of this bedroom, I start dealing with my family. When I go out the front door and I start dealing with society, I am a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and I need to put on behavior That's going to represent him. I have the mind of Christ, I have the Spirit of God in me. I don't have the privilege or the rights, which is not really a privilege to go out and just act like everybody else. And my real purpose in being here is not to please myself: it's to represent God and draw other people to him through my godly behavior. If you get up every morning and do nothing but think about all your mistakes and all your problems and how you messed up yesterday and how bad you feel And about everything you don't have in life, I can almost promise you that you will not be able To go out and be nice to anybody. You've got to wake up in the morning and you got to think some things on purpose. Don't  just think and meditate on everything that the devil tries to drop in your head. You begin to think like God wants you to think, and you can do your own thinking. You don't have to just think. Whatever the devil offers you, you can do your own thinking And one of the things that will help you is to talk out loud, Get up every morning, drop down on your knees by the side of your bed right away and just say: Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Help me today behave the way you want me to behave. You know you work for God, you're on his payroll. If you go out and do what you're supposed to everyday you'll get your paycheck.


God will take care of you Come on, I'm talking to you. God will take care of you. We all work for God, But let me tell you something, You're not going to defeat the devil, laying on your couch, watching soap operas and eating doughnuts. We need to learn how to live with intentionality. That needs to be one of the first laws Of our living, and we need to realize it's one of the first rules of success. Intentionality, we have to do things on purpose. We can't just wait and see what falls on us. We need to do it on purpose. You do what you can do You do what you know to do that.

That God has taught you to do And then God will always do what you cannot do. Do you hear me You do something to sow some seed, so God can do the part that you cannot do What you're facing maybe bigger stronger, more powerful. But when you refuse to worry, when you refuse to live stressed out, Instead, you stay in peace, Thanking God that he's fighting your battles, knowing that he's in control, You are showing God by your actions that you're trusting him. David said, though, I walk through The valley of the shadow of death.


I will fear no evil. God is not just with you on the mountaintops, he's with you in the valleys when you're going through things.He knows what you're up against the scripture says. God is concerned about what concerns you. A sparrow doesn't fall to the ground without God knowing about it. How much more is God concerned about what's happening in your life? Trust him live from a place of peace. This is a decision We have to make on a daily basis, because every day there's something to worry about, there's some reason to get upset All through the day. Keep this phrase close to your heart. God'S got this He's concerned about me. He's working in my life. He's bigger than my enemies.

He's lining up the right people He's arranging things in my favor. That attitude of faith is what allows God to do amazing things.

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