Daily Devotional: God Will Not Waste Your Pain | YOUR PAIN HAS A PURPOSE!

A lot of times, people wonder why they go through certain things and why it seems the others simply have it very easy. They blame God, not realizing what God is trying to do for them. So in today's devotional we will be talking on the topic that says: sometimes God breaks you to save a soul. I pray that the eyes of your understanding become enlightened as you open your ears to listen to what he has to say to you in this post. A lot of people won't believe this, but here's the truth, some of the things that people go through and they insult God, for it is really God's mercy playing out so many times.


God has prevented people from making deadly mistakes or getting things that will most likely ruin them. Another truth, is, God wants the best life for the believers. This is because, firstly, God loves us, we are the zenith, the most important of all his creation, God isn't glorified when we are sick, he isn't glorified when we lose our jobs or when we are unable to have children, God isn't glorified when we have no money And we are deep in debt, God isn't glorified when we suffer and god wants to be glorified through us living a great life. This is the best way for others to come to him. When your life is advertising his goodness and mercy, it won't be hard for others to acknowledge him, but there are times where God will let you have that sickness and allow you to lose that job.


There are times where he will let the relationship be ruined. There are times like Paul in the Bible. You will feel this thorn in your flesh. This is because, more than God wanting glory, he will rather save our souls. Another reason God breaks us is because for so many of us we will never acknowledge that there is a God until there is a problem, no matter how atheistic we are.


There are times when we face deep troubles that we begin to search for answers and in searching for these answers, if we truly admit there was a God who came. Many atheists became believers. This way, some because of shame and in upholding what they previously said about God they stealed their heart and refused to tell people that they now believe that there is a god when we need deliverance from the many bondages that we find ourselves in. We always turn back to God. There are times God will break you, so your soul will be saved.


We are all different and we respond differently to circumstances around us. This means the way God will deal with you will be very different from the way God will deal with your friend. You may have all the money in the world and remain humble and great in managing it.

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