Daily Devotional For Motivation: When You Are Going Through An Attack (KEEP FIGHTING AND DON’T GIVE UP)

An interesting quote by Avijeet says,

Never stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done, winners are not those who always win, they are the ones who always fight.

You must realize that the devil is not fighting you because you are weak. He is fighting you because you are strong. The devil is clever and knows better than to waste his efforts on nothing. So when the devil throws darts at you, it is because you have something on your inside that he needs. You have something on your inside that threatens him. Have you ever seen when a lion is wanting to attack his prey? He walks slowly. That is why an adage says that the slow movement of a lion doesn't show weakness or tiredness, but calculated steps to take down its prey.

You, dear believer, are not weak, you are strong. Weakness is not the right word to be used in describing you, because you are here. Reading this message means you are still fighting and holding on. The Bible says you are more than a conqueror. This is one attribute of a warrior; a warrior always fights; a warrior never gives up; The warrior never throws in the towel, no matter how tough the battle is.


He learns to endure until he overcomes all the adversities facing him in life. You're going to encounter hard times at some point. This means you must be prepared to endure pain and find solutions. At any moment, you must develop the mental toughness that will enable you to face and overcome any challenge or adversity. Life throws now. I know you may have been beaten down, you've been embarrassed, you've been hurt, your hands feel foreign, your stomach twisted and your heart weighed down.


You are unsure of your next step, dizzy and suddenly terrified to stand back again. You are not sure if you want to keep fighting, it just seems like no matter what you do, the devil always has the upper hand, it's just so frustrating and disappointing, but this is what you do when you are broken. You pick yourself up Peace by peace. You remind yourself of your strongest Parts, which might now seem like a weakness, but are your strength and fight until you break through you drag yourself forward until your limbs can hold your weight and then you learn to stand up, walk and smile again.


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