If we're being honest, we would realize that many things are fighting for our attention. In life, we have relationships to manage Financial burdens, to settle businesses, to work on career goals, to meet and other things that draw our attention. Unfortunately, many of us put God in the last place on our list of preferences. We don't spend enough time with God.  We try to use God to satisfy our other needs, but this isn't meant to be, while those other needs are valid and need our attention, God must be first in our lives. I know you're a mother, a father, a daughter, a sister, a CEO, a manager, a business person and every other title you hold.


However, before you or any of those things, you are referred to as God's child and God's creation. You're alive, because God formed you and made you, God is supposed to be first on our priority list, but we let many things get in the way. There's a way your life stands out when you put God first and acknowledge Him in all your ways, the Bible says that we should seek first, the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall follow. God did not design us to chase after things but to chase after him, while the Bible does not support laziness. This doesn't mean that you should get so obsessed with things that take the place of God in your life. God must always have the first place in your heart.


Abraham was in his father's house when God called him to leave his home. I imagine that he must have had an inheritance that he could have wanted to pass on to his children. Even if he did not have an inheritance, it must have been scary and difficult to leave all he knew his family, his friends, his home and his way of life, simply because of what God had said to him. Yet he chose to follow God. I think we sometimes read the Bible as if it were just a story and not something someone lived through, because that must have been a hard decision for Abraham anyways. After obeying God, he became so wealthy having cattle and many things he didn't have to chase wealth. But his hard work and obedience to God led to blessings for him in this journey with God. God gave Abraham a son despite his old age. This was the son God had promised him for many years Isaac. However, God tested him by asking him to sacrifice Isaac for him. This was the son he had waited many years for yet Abraham took him to the mountain and only stopped when God asked him to and gave him a ram to sacrifice. Abraham placed God first, even above Isaac,

David saw God even when he was an ordinary Shepherd boy. He was not seeking God because of a crown. He probably never imagined it. Since Israel already had a king - and he was the last child of his father, his heart for God, was captured in his decision in the Bible, which says a man after God's heart. This was how beautiful his relationship with God was. However, this same David got to the point where his priorities went wrong. At the time of the year when kings went to war, he decided to stay home. As the saying goes. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. On one of those days. He went up to the roof and saw a beautiful bathing woman. At that moment. His priorities shifted from pleasing God to satisfying his lust. He committed adultery and then ensured that the husband of the woman died. He made such awful decisions because of a shift in his priorities and he suffered for it not only he but his family suffered from the wrong decision he made.


However, he immediately repented when God sent Prophet Nathan to correct him, even if you've made mistakes done wrong or even gone far away from God. The story of David lets us know you can always come back if you've gotten so busy in this world chasing after things that don't matter you should know you can always come back. This blog is to call those who are weary, who are burdened, who are tired of constantly chasing things and still being dissatisfied. It's for those of you who are wondering where exactly they missed it. You are so weary because those things were not made to satisfy you.

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