Daily Devotional For Motivation: If Only You Knew God is Preparing You For SOMETHING BIGGER!

Sometimes we wonder why we don't get the things we want as soon as we want them. Unfortunately, we are in a generation that desires to see this happen instantly. We have fast food and transportation. We have minimized the time taken to do longer tasks. This generation considers time an asset and will always improve on having things done efficiently and effectively. We pat ourselves on the back because, in truth, we have done an amazing job.


Unfortunately, as we advance in technology, we decline in spirituality. We now want to fit God in our plans. We want God to do as we say and not as he desires, we get angry and frustrated and sometimes even threaten God when things don't fit into our carefully crafted plans. This attitude shows, we don't even understand the god that we serve. It also shows that we don't understand his principles.


A lot of people are angry with God. Some have even stopped serving God, because they felt betrayed. The truth is when we understand god and his principles. Our relationship with him will become better and our lives will improve in ways we cannot imagine.


We can understand God's principles by doing the following

1. Studying the Bible. Studying the Bible is so underrated. We don't simply have the time to do it. We as a generation are itching to be active. We don't want to sit still when things are to be done, but studying the Bible can save us years of headaches, worry and anxiety in the bible we hear from god, and we also get to learn from the people who have lived before when we study the Bible we see that everything is done in time from Genesis to Revelation.


We will learn that in this earthly realm time is of the essence. We get to reconstruct our minds and leave the world the idea of getting everything at the snap of our fingers, the wisest man solomon said there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun and he began to give examples. He said there is a time to be born. If you can pause and consider this, it will help you understand how god works. It takes nine months for a baby to be born.


It seems important to God to fuse sperm and egg and let it become a zygote, an embryo and finally, a fetus. Even a baby has to wait to be born, and this process helps serious-minded parents to begin to prepare for their unborn child. Now they can fix the nursery, they can buy clothes and they can do anything they want to do because they have the opportunity to prepare even plants. Don't just appear: they first grow from the seeds they germinate and continue to grow some trees take years before they mature and become of use. There is no one in the bible who god used and had everything they wanted immediately.


David had to wait for about 15 years after he was appointed to be king to become king. Even jesus, The Son of God, waited for 30 good years before he began his ministry. He saw how Daniel transited he didn't start from the top, but God pushed him to a higher level through different stages and times just because it's taking time doesn't mean it's not happening. We need to learn from the great in the Bible.


2. Worship. This part, a lot of christians, don't understand, worship means to give something it's worth to give something its value. We can't worship anything when we don't know the value of that thing. When you know the value, though you will truly worship God according to Jesus, true worshipers should worship God in spirit and truth, like the word worship, Jesus says we must know who he is. If someone comes to you and starts praising you lavishly, but he does that in a way that seems like you're the president, you will most likely not feel moved because you know it's false and it's probably a mistaken identity. But if the person finds true features about you and praises you with them, you will feel good to truly worship God. You must know him.


You know him when you study the word, pray and fellowship with others. Worshiping God is a beautiful way to exchange all your weaknesses for his strength. It's a beautiful way to keep your faith alive. It's a beautiful way to keep waiting on God. Even if you can't see the promise now worshiping is not just about singing and dancing, but also a way of life. You acknowledge God as the source of everything you have now and everything you will get ever worship god with your money and also with your body.


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