Daily Devotional For Motivation:  God is Talking to You | Are You Listening!

Life has many issues that we need to consider. We can easily get carried away by these burdens and forget the main reason why we are here. Life can be very cumbersome for many people. They tend to lose themselves from trying to keep up with schooling, wanting better careers, handling relationships. Life comes as almost impossible. Many people have been stressed out, some have become very depressed and others have looked to drugs to help keep them up.


But there is a way you can live a better life. You can live a superior life where you can truly have it all. Most people don't believe in this. They think you must sacrifice one aspect of your life to enjoy another maybe for people in the world. They can have these struggles, but this is untrue for Christians


2 Peter 1:3 says,

for His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us [a]by His own glory and [b]excellence.


We need to make a unique and complete life. No christian needs to lose their finances because they want to be happy in marriage and vice versa. This, unfortunately, is the most common example. It's either people become successful at the expense of their marriages and relationships, which includes the relationship with the lord jesus christ, or they have a flourishing relationship with jesus and their family, but suffer a life of poverty. As believers, we are to say no to this. We are to contend for a much better life. You have to turn down the volume of life by staying with God, and study, the word of God. When you eventually get to read the word of god, It helps you turn down all the negativity in the world.


It is very important to study God's word. God's word doesn't just teach us about him. It shows us the promises that he has for us. It shows us the kind of life that we should live.


It is very important that we study God's word for ourselves. Many people have swallowed many false sayings thinking it was written in the Bible. These are just methods through which satan traps us into a life of mediocrity. From the Bible you will see that God wants us to be healthy.


God bless you.

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