Daily Devotional: 5Things You Are Doing That's Blocking Your Blessings!

When you are blessed, things become easy for you to do. You will hear testimonies all over. If you are poor, you receive financial breakthrough. If you are weak, you receive strength, If you are sick, you receive healing in your body. One thing that you should know about God is that He is good all the time. That means that His nature is goodness. There is no time He will want to do evil to you. His blessings are like rain. His love is unconditional. The Bible says that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. That love was so strong that He came down to earth to die for our sins. This is very powerful. It means that God is generous. The book of James tells us that he that lacks wisdom, let him ask of God that gives freely. When God blesses you, He does it freely. Now the problem does not lie with God when you do not receive your blessings. Rather, it lies with you. So, you will find out how people block God's blessings.

1. Unbelief: Jesus said that when you pray, you should believe that you have and you will receive. Faith is not dependent on God, rather, it is dependent on you. God has already blessed you and his intention is that you will walk in all that he has called you to do. He does not treat you based on who you are, rather, he treats you based on who He is. The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So, faith is when you believe the impossible. You call those things that be not as though they are. It is believing God's word with the whole of your heart. Abraham was a person that trusted God with the whole of his heart. He did it without wavering and he saw God's blessings abundantly in his life. He was a simple man just like you and I but what made him to stand out was that he believed God. The Bible says that Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. When you believe God, you are saying that you are not depending on your own strength or your own ability. You are dependent on God. There can be many reasons for you to doubt God but you must choose not to allow your mind to be filled with negativity.

2. Unforgiveness: This is very subtle. What unforgiveness does to us is that it blinds us from seeing what God is doing in the lives of people. It blocks you from receiving your blessing because you are so focused on the life of someone else. You should be careful not to harbor hatred towards anybody. Jesus says that when you pray and you have something against your brother, choose to resolve it first. You should not harbour unforgiveness in your heart. It blocks you from receiving your blessings because your mind is not pure.

3. Fear: Fear is not of God. God does not move fear. The bible says that he has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love and a sound mind. Fear blinds you from seeing what God wants to do in your life. Imagine Abraham was to scared of what people were going to say and chose not to follow what God hasld said, he would not have received God's promise. Sometimes, we are afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone because we have the fear of the unknown. Faith may require that we do something that someone has never done before. You may be afraid and hide in your shell. This stops you from receiving what God has planned for you.

4. Disobedience: This was the first sin from Genesis. It hindered Adam from receiving from God. It even brought a curse on him. God's intention for us is that of good and not of evil. God wants you to walk in all that he has planned for you but this is not possible when you disobey his commandments. God's instructions are found everywhere in scriptures. If you want to have a life that is fruitful, you have to learn to open your heart to God's word. You cannot be disobedient to His word and expect to walk in His blessings. You must learn to open your heart to possibilities with God. Sometimes, you are hindered because you see God in a little way. You do not see how mighty He is. God is stronger than how you have imagined Him. So you should learn to open your heart to Him.

5. Pride: Pride is a feeling that you are more important than everyone around you. You begin to have a feeling that "you have arrived". This was something that destroyed king Saul. Before he was anointed king. He was very humble. No guile entered his heart until he let position to enter his head. The prophet Samuel that anointed him was someone that he later wanted to kill. Samuel could not imagine it. Saul was someone who God has raised in Israel through Samuel. However, he let his status get into his head. You must be careful when you gain riches or fame.

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