Daily Devotion -  The Cost of Looking Good 1 Timothy 4:8

Have you ever invested time and money into achieving a certain look, used pinterest to style the perfect outfit or watched youtube tutorials to get the perfect hair and makeup only to step back from the mirror, disappointed at the outcome? Statistics say the average American spends about $ 155 a month on health, fitness and wellness. Add it up and that's more than a public college tuition. Add to that the millions we spend on beauty products each year and there's no doubt that training and maintenance of our outward appearance are important to us. So, how can we spend our energy on things that have a guaranteed return? Paul provides the answer when he tells Timothy 


`` for physical training is of some value , but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life  and the life to come .''


The word speaks to us about the fear of rejection. Sending the message of urgency about our outward appearance being perfected, where god calls us to have faith, knowing that godliness is better than an acceptable outward appearance.


But just like physical training, spiritual training takes discipline, patience and time which beg the question: what are you training for god's standards for holiness, or what the world places ultimate value in.

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