Daily Devotion: The Book of Sadness

Daily Devotion: The Book of Sadness

Are you a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty kind of person? Pessimists, the glass half-empty variety generally see the world through a negative lens, but there's an upside to pessimism. You can anticipate the worst-case scenario, which is really helpful when making plans plus you'll often be pleasantly surprised when things turn out better than you expected. That's why we can be grateful that the Nible includes the Book of Lamentations. It gives a voice to the pain and hardship that both optimists and pessimists face. When the Prophet Jeremiah wrote the book people had just experienced the destruction of jerusalem. The writer pours his heart out laments putting words to the collective grief of the community. In the midst of this book of sadness, however, Jeremiah interjects a series of verses that awakened his people to God's goodness. Even in those moments of despair, in spite of all the pain and sadness, he says in verse, 22 of chapter 3 that God's compassions never fails Today, as was true, then we can count on god's faithfulness, even when we can't count on anything else.


In the darkest and most difficult seasons of our lives, there's always a `` But God'' moment to be had as bad as things might actually be. We can always count on him to be with us and sustain us through these times he's the reason for our joy he's the reason for our hope, even when all else seems lost, we haven't lost God.

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