Daily Devotion - A Christian Response To Politics?

It's the moment, many of us can't stand especially this time of year. We're hanging out with family and someone brings up politics. And they don't just bring up politics. They say something you think is absolutely ridiculous and extreme you're sure you know which news station they've been watching and you couldn't disagree more. And as our hands begin to shake with adrenaline and our face is flushed with frustration. We fire off some harsh retort that any political pundit would be proud of, and boom you've got yourself a nice little war between you and someone you probably love. Is this really the way you and I should behave if we follow jesus a few thousand years ago? there was a christian teacher who wrote these words `` be devoted to one another in love, `` honor, one another above yourselves, .''. if you look up this verse in a few translations, you'll find the words ``outdo one another in showing honor.'' paul was writing to a church that was struggling to get along. they were people who believed in jesus but came from different backgrounds. they were often getting into debates about what to believe and how to live, and these debates could get heated.


Paul challenged them to not only just love and honor one another, but to out do the other person in showing honor. I think Paul's words can guide us today when we end up in those conversations with difficult family members or coworkers or social media ``friends'', who have strong political views with which we disagree. Before we respond or as we think about how to respond. maybe we should ask ourselves ``: what does it look like, `` to love and honor this person, with my words ``? how can i disagree with someone ``, while outdoing them in showing honor and respect?''? sometimes, it may mean being quiet and not responding at all? other times it may mean asking a good question: instead of making a point.


And still other times, it may look like disagreeing but disagreeing with so much love and honor that the other person walks away surprised at how much you or iIcare about them. I think we need paul's words now more than ever. I need paul's words now more than ever. Conversations about politics are often divisive and ugly. So next time we get in a conversation about politics with ``that person''... or that people, lets ask the holy spirit to help us out do one another in showing honor.

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