The hip hop of today is multi-faceted, with many different artists and a variety of styles.

CDMars Ill is a group that captures hip hop in its purest form: honest lyrics, dope beats with guitar, horn and eerie samples together with two turntables. 

Dust provides the beats and Manchild, the lyrics, as they explain what they are about on the horn-filled, “Breathe Slow”. That definition is “Aristotle mixed with Krush Groove”.

The always entertaining and zany Pigeon John guests on “Plains and Trains”. John shows his versatility and fits in just fine over the slow, boom bip of Dust, and almost comes off sounding like a third member of Mars Ill.

Mars Ill

Also dope is “Calm Before the Storm”, a song which explains that before anything else, God was there. Other standout cuts are “PieceMeal”, BlackBox Artists” and “LumpSum”.

Mars Ill deliver a gem of an album that is hip hop at its finest. It’s pure. And Gotee Records again show that they know talent and substance when they hear it.

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