enockcd.jpg?width=260Enock delivers an impressive solo debut that is chock full of his usual flow, some dance tracks, rugged hip hop beats and songs of honesty and restoration.

It all gets started with the banging “Liberation”. Stikk, who handles most of the production on the album, lays down a dope, but simple beat, which allows Enock to express his new liberation in Christ.

Issues of sexual addiction are tackled on “Truth Be Told”, a song that explains Enock’s struggles and the fact that everyone has something that they deal with. Enock comes back with “Runnin” telling how he is running away from temptation and from women who wear revealing clothing in church. This song has some nice strings and a nice mid-tempo beat that makes this song repeat-worthy.

“We” and “Next Up” are the hot dance tracks on AWEthentic. Labelmate Tre-9 and Joi join Enock on “We”, as they explain their confidence in Christ. This is over Stikk’s track laced with some Middle Eastern synth rhythms. The whole Much Luvvroster (Cy, Tre-9, Mark Jand Col Cutz) then steps in on “Next Up”, demonstrating that the entire label is ready to take the message of Christ to the masses.

This debut album is just what the title says it is —AWEthentic. Enock does not bite his tongue, but it is all for the sake of setting people free and letting people know that God can restore after falling in sin.

This is an absolutely essential album for those looking for real hip hop and honesty in the body of Christ. Read More Here


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