by chris benjamin  
I want to let you know you are doing a great job fathers of this great nation and worldwide, but there is more to be accomplished with our time here. We must beat the drum for Championship Fathering! As you know God has called us fathers to do more than stand on the sidelines and watch our families fall apart and fail. It truly is time for all us fathers to plant our feet in the ground and make a stand to guide the physical, mental, and spiritual destiny of our families. So thank you for your efforts, they do not go unnoticed.

Make today the day we refuse not to do anything to lift up our families and those in need. Start a chain reaction of positive role-modeling so that our children's future will be full of hope and unconditional love. It is our calling and duty to guide our families in the right direction. I know we can achieve greatness as one vibrant community of fathers, united to see the success of our spouses, children, family, friends, and all of God's children. Here is one way to support that cause. The National Center for Fathering, located in the Kansas City metro is calling for all fathers to help. Fathers, you are the rock in which your family leans on!

God Bless every one of you on this journey!

Chris is the author of the inspirational book "Spiritual Basic Training" Learn more at to complete missions for a Spirit-filled life.
God Bless


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