Sacramento, California artists Mission and BrvndonP, part of the group #RPSMG, released a collaborative album on April 21st. It is called Barely Finished, and BrvndonP explained the contradictive title.

“We’re nowhere near being done. We’re nowhere near being finished.”

“Sporadic” is the word that BrvndonP used to describe the recording process of Barely Finished. They began working on it before BrvndonP’s self-titled album released last June.

BrvndonP made most of the beats for the project, and he produced it as well. “I’ll freestyle a melody or a cadence, then I’ll record it, then Mission writes…” He said that sometimes their studio sessions were not fruitful; sometimes they could not come up with beats or verses that they liked. “We have so many unfinished songs that didn’t make the project.”


“When we felt like the song wasn’t going anywhere, we would leave it, go to something else, or leave it, go get some [food from] In ‘N Out [Burger], and if nothing came we wouldn’t force anything,”

said Mission. His usual way to record is to hear a beat and let it inspire him to find some words that will go with it. “Everything was after a beat,” said Mission, “or while I’m making a beat, the concept would come,” said BrvndonP.

Barely Finished’s album cover has a variety of subjects within the image, and they come from the lives of Mission and BrvndonP. “Shoes, Sacramento, drums, different stuff that we’re both interested in. It’s all what makes up who we are,” said BrvndonP.

“Trigga” is the first song on Barely Finished and is about having a good understanding of your dreams in life, and then pursuing them. “It’s like, ‘Go get it. Don’t be scared. Don’t be afraid,’” said Mission. He wants listeners to know that if there is something that they believe God wants them to do, they should do that as best as they can, as well as in a different way than others.

“Whatever your career goals are, whatever your goals in life are, go do it.”

“H.O.L.” stands for high on life and is a song to encourage listeners to not listen to the negative people who say that because of difficult situations you face, you should not be happy and joyful.

“Better” is another uplifting song; it is meant to tell the listeners that they can always be better, and that things will always get better. BrvndonP said

“Whatever you’re going through, things are going to get better. Stop looking at it from a negative perspective and look at it [knowing] that with God on your side, it will all work out for your good in the end.”

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