Christianity today is a business. The goal of most businessmen is to tell consumers what they want to hear so you can sell your product and get bodies in their doors. One of the lies people get in the advertising from many churches today is that you can be in the world and of the world. It’s ok now you end up individual people with no power and no influence. I want to talk with you about “being a man of influence” and in doing that we will compare the ministry of Lot with the ministry of Abraham was a friend of God, while Lot was a friend to the world.

Let's check out Genesis  chapters 18 and 19

Look at Genesis chapter 19 verse 1 and chapter 18 verse 1 and compare the two focusing on Location. When the angels arrived to visit Abraham he was sitting at his tent door, but Lot was sitting at the City Gate. in his town. Lot’s location at the gate shows he was a man of some authority.

Yahweh sent Lot to Sodom so that God‘s work could have been done. Just like he sent...

  1. Joseph to Egypt
  2. Daniel to Babylon
  3. Ether to Persia
  4. You to your community or even your job

Now let's talk about the times that they both got their visit.  It was early afternoon when Yahweh and his angels visited Abraham (Gen. 18:1) but it was evening when the angels got to Lot (Gen. 19:2). This symbolizes that Abraham was walking in the light, while Lot was walking in darkness.

Ok now let's talk about Visitors. Only the two angels visited Lot. Yahweh (many believe this was the pre-incarnate God the Son)  stayed with Abraham. But why is this?

  1. He would not feel at home with Lot (Eph. 3:17)  Yah should want to settle down and feel completely at home in your hearts through your faith.
  2. Unlike Abraham, Lot had no tent or altar, so there could be no fellowship.

I want to also note the difference when it came to sacrificing their children. Lot was willing to sacrifice his children to please the world. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son to please God.

Now let's talk about influence because of his faith and obedience, Abraham was a blessing to his family and the whole world, till this very day. But because of his worldliness Lot had no power or influence.

  1. Lot’s family did not take him seriously. They thought he was joking when he tried to get them to leave.
  2. His wife was so in love with the world she looked back and it killed her, She was too attached (26, Luke 17:23)
  3. Lot's 2 daughters had incest with him. They did not have respect for him

 Now let's look at the difference in their Attitudes (v. 15-26)  Lot was given instruction but  had to be dragged out by the hand 

  1. First he argued then he stalled, then he begged to go his own way.
  2. He did not obey Yahweh’s messengers at first. He gave them trouble.
  3. But Abraham obeyed even to the point of giving up his son's life.

Let him that would move the world 1st move himself.


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