Be A Game Changer: We Encourage Women Wednesday

Be A Game Changer: We Encourage Women Wednesday

Be A Game Changer: Hannah

1:09 pm, Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Hey everybody, It’s a new week and I hope all is well. I am back with another piece for the ladies. Last week, I told yall about Esther and how she had to lead fearlessly with her positioning, and in doing so, she changed the culture for her people in the land in which they were dwelling. She was definitely a game-changing lady!


Today we are going to examine the story of Hannah, Samuel’s mama. In brief, Hannah was one of the wives of Elkanah, the other was Peninnah. Hannah was her husband’s bae and true love. He loved her fiercely. Peninnah on the other end was there, I believe, to bear sons and to create honor for the family because Hannah could not bear children. Hannah was a different type of lady. Her focus was bringing honor to her Lord, so she waited patiently for God to see fit to bless her womb. As they traveled to Shiloh, Peninnah carried her young son as they walked. Hannah even offered to help but Peninnah took that moment to ridicule Hannah. When they reached their destination. Hannah found some alone time in the temple to pray for what she desired most: a child. She was seen by the lord of the area and was considered a drunk as she cried out to God in despair. She simply wanted what seemed like everybody else had, a child. It is really crazy that some people seem to be blessed with everything. They have the marriage, the children, and the position. They are able to use their gifts and they can literally have EVERYTHING and still be nothing but a Peninnah type. Eventually, the Lord gave Hannah the desire of her heart because the desire of heart was to have a child that she could dedicate to the Lord and His good works. He trusted Hannah with something as precious as a child because God knew the intentionality of Hannah’s heart and her personal life/worship life reflected what was in her heart. 


I think that a lot of the times, we pray for things we haven’t thoroughly prepared for. A piece of Hannah’s preparation was checking her motivation and her heart’s desire to ensure that she was trying to be a mother to spite anyone’s opinion of her or for the approval of others. She made a vow to God to dedicate Samuel if she received him and she had to make good on her word. She was trustworthy. We can pray and cry and snot on the altar and ask our pastor’s for prayer but if we are not properly preparing our spaces for the blessing we are asking God for then we should expect a prolonging of and a waiting period from God. He cannot give us things to squander. He ain’t that type of Dude. So while we are in the processes, while we are flipping pages, while we are preparing our hearts to shift in motivation and intention (if needed), we can trust that God will definitely make provision if we do the necessary heart-work to create a space for the manifestation of his grace, mercy, and goodness to dwell. 


Much love



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Jacqui Hampton is a columnist, poet, and editor. She is a minister of music and psalmist and educator. She is an author of the book The Cultural Christian: Navigating The Culture While Contending For The Faith (2020) She currently devotes her time to songwriting for other artists and planning for her next book as well as educating the masses.

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  • Thats a dope message. We love to pray for things we are not ready for. We pray for things we can't handle.

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