Be A Game Changer

Be A Game Changer

Good morning beautiful women of God. Yall doing ok? Well, I am back with a HEAVY hitter this morning. I want to challenge a few of you to reevaluate something's so one time for your mind, go with me here. If you are biblically scholared, you know the story of Esther but for those of us who aren’t, I’ll recap. Esther was a Hebrew woman, who was actually named Hadassa by birth. Her name was changed to fit the culture of the land and adapt to where she was being located.  She was given the task of ultimately using her position and her platform to alter the culture of that particular area for her people. She received favor from the King and God used her to spare His chosen people. 


So, ladies, let’s look at us today. As a people, we place too much value on the people and ministers whose images we are bombarded with constantly by television and social media. We compare ourselves constantly to the hashtagged moms, makeup artists, influencers, other women ministers, friends, co-workers we see daily with every scroll and we try to change and adapt way too much to this world we live in and by its standards. However, if we look within, we are able to see the consistent image of God. He has interwoven prophecies, spiritual gifts, immense talents, and natural skills into our fashioning and makeup to be of use in whatever capacity we have the opportunity to use them. Esther, probably nervous, scared, and unnerved she used her position to save the people she called family unbeknownst to the current King. She conquered herself and sacrificed her own innate (and possibly willful) fear to be able to be used by God. We all have that innate fear but whatever you need to do to conquer it today, do so. Whatever is freezing the message you are carrying in your throat, you need to conquer it and convey what God is trying to tell His people to His people. If you are a worshipper, stop being scared and alter your atmosphere with the worship you carry in your spirit. If you are a helper, stop being afraid to help. You may be the only version of Christianity and love that some people/unbelievers may ever see. 


All I am saying to yall is that as women, we have more power than we have been allowed to admit. We are stronger than we have gotten permission to acknowledge. We should all be familiar with the scripture Matthew 16:24 where Jesus tells us that if we want to follow HIm, for real, we have to “take up our cross”. Essentially, we have to die to ourselves in some form or fashion. We need to really start cutting out the vanity/ego that keeps us bound to our insecurities (die) and we need to get in touch with our Creator tough and really examine the intricate ways He created us (live). We need to be willing to die so that we can live on purpose. Don’t be afraid to stumble. When you fall, though, strive to land on your knees, hit a prayer or two for strength, and then get back to purpose. We have callings to fulfill maams! We don’t time for weak knees and shaky hands. Hands to the plow yall! Let’s get it going


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Jacqui Hampton is a columnist, poet, and editor. She is a minister of music and psalmist and educator. She is an author of the book The Cultural Christian: Navigating The Culture While Contending For The Faith (2020) She currently devotes her time to songwriting for other artists and planning for her next book as well as educating the masses.

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