Affirmation: I Am Fulfilling My Purpose In Life

I know my place in the universe and I am fulfilling my purpose. I believe that  Yahweh put me  put on Earth for a specific reason. I know that reason and do my best each day to live my life at the highest level.


I am confident that I know my reason for existing. Each day gives me the opportunity to be radiantly alive. I am grateful for the good fortune bestowed upon me.


I build my life around my purpose. Since I know my purpose, I find it easier to make decisions. My decisions and values align with my purpose perfectly. I choose my friends, hobbies, and employment to boost my capabilities.


Everything I do and each person I meet is part of my destiny. Everything and everyone that comes into my life provides a valuable lesson. I trust my instincts and take intelligent risks freely. I avoid waiting for opportunity to come to me.


I know the best way I can serve my fellow man. I show compassion to others and possess the will to help others.


There is a plan and purpose to each person’s life. I respect the path and purpose of others. Everyone has value.


Today, I am feeling a deep sense of purpose from what I do. I am committed to living life at the highest level and helping others to do the same. I am fulfilling my purpose in life.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How could I spend my day that would align with my values?
  2. What is most important to me? What would allow me to feel fulfilled?
  3. When have I felt most alive?











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