#1. The Braided Bun


This cute little hairstyle will make your little darling feel grown up and ready to take on the school day.

This style can be kept neat for several days and you only have to slick down the edges in the morning.

#2. Cornrow In A Bun


This is a simple and classic style that never fails to look super cute and fashionable.

You can add bows and bobbles to the bun to add a touch more cuteness.

If your daughter has shorter hair you can add some hair extensions to create this braided bun.

This unique hairstyle is perfect if your little one has longer hair.

Instead of just slicking the hair back in a pony tail, this style will have your daughter as the center of attention at school.

#3. African Queen


Now, here’s a hairstyle my mother couldn’t do! But the great thing that we have now that I didn’t have when I was growing up is social media.

Take this picture to the salon and get your little darling this cute little style – she’ll love you for it.

#4. Take A Bow


This hairstyle is so bomb! This is perfect for a kids party or a christening.

#5. Creative Cornrows


Cornrows can be so versatile, yet growing up I always had simple straight styles.

These selections of different cornrows show that you never have to do your little girl’s hair the same.

#6. The Quiff And The Cornrow


When your little one gets older it’s hard to find hairstyles that don’t look too young but don’t look too grown up either.

I personally love a quiff, and this hairstyle is a perfect in between hairstyle that should please both you and your child.

#7. Sleek Cornrows


I love this subtle twist on the classic cornrow. This is great if you want something simple that still looks pretty.

Matching both small and big cornrows and changing the parting into a curved one, is sure to make your little darling look beautiful. Read More Here


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