6 Ways To Create an Inspiring Morning Routine

Ways to create a positive/inspiring morning routine

Here are some easy ideas you can implement into your morning to have that positive start to the day.  Why not choose 2-3 to start tomorrow?

  1. Get up on time.

The first and most important part of creating a morning routine? Don’t hit that snooze button! Set an alarm for your ideal wake up time, and move your alarm clock or phone across the room if you need to. Once you get out of bed, you’ll be less likely to get back in again.

  1. Don’t check social media!

If I could share this 1,000 times, I would. Do NOT head to social media first thing in the morning. You’ll be much happier if instead, you focus on God and then yourself. Your morning should have nothing to do with what all your friends are doing. You can find out later.

  1. Feed your soul.

Equally as important if not more so, morning is THE absolute best time to feed your soul. Find a devotional to follow and read from each morning. Take time to talk with God and maybe even listen to some worship music. When your soul is fed, it will be easier to deal with whatever the day brings.

  1. Get moving!

Take 20 minutes out of your morning to do something healthy for your body! Go for a quick walk or jog, or maybe even try some yoga. The health benefits of getting some movement in first thing in the morning will last long after the day is done.

  1. Check your to-do list.

Review your to-do list and your goals for the day, what do you want to accomplish? Now that you’ve reviewed what needs to be done, make a plan!  Choose the top 2-3 things you must get done and set an intention for them.

  1. Eat a good breakfast.

What better way to start your day than with something yummy and nutritious? This is an effective way to not only boost your metabolism but wake yourself up, as well. Drink a glass of water while you’re at it!

By just putting a few of these into practice, you’ll create a morning routine that keeps you fueled up and inspired all day long! Remember, getting up early and having a positive morning routine isn’t all about will power or self-control. It’s about gradually making it a habit. Even if some days you can’t resist that snooze button, try again tomorrow. If you fail, try again the next day.

After a few mornings under your belt, you just might realize you’re a morning person after all!

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