34 Things A Righteous Woman Does

34 Things A Righteous Woman Does

by Tonja Taylor  



Although I am sure there are more, here are 34 things the LORD showed me that a Righteous Woman (a righteous bride, a daughter of Yahweh, the King of kings) does:

  1. Refreshes others by sharing the goodness of God with them in the way she lives, what she says, and what she does and doesn’t do, according to His Word 

  2. Reveals the Truth to others--first by living it, then by speaking it or other means, as the LORD leads

  3. Rejects falsehood

  4. Returns to the LORD and helps others to do so

  5. Rehearses no past disappointments, but the victories and goodness of God with thanksgiving, and the living Word of God

  6. Repents as the LORD convicts her, and helps others understand the need to seek Him and repent Responds in faith to the leading of the Holy Spirit

  7. Reveals the “mystery of God’s Love”

  8. Reinvigorates herself and others (encourages herself in the LORD)

  9. Respects God and others

  10. Reviews past victories—reviews her attitude, rids herself of all malice, etc.

  11. Renews herself (her mind, her soul) by time with the LORD, in His Word, through prayer, praise and worship, in His house, with His people, and by working with Him to perform what she is called to do

  12. Remembers God’s Rhema and Logos to her

  13. Runs in the path of His commands, for He has set her heart free 

  14. Reads His Word and studies it, going deeper as He leads

  15. Realizes the time is short, and she must be about the Master’s business—and that she cannot control the opinions of others, neither do those opinions matter

  16. Receives all the Blessings of the Covenant and walks in them

  17. Rides the River of His Spirit with great joy

  18. Reorders her life as needed to align with the perfect Will of God

  19. Rejoices in the LORD always

  20. Rids herself of all malice and bitterness

  21. Readies herself for change; stays flexible, totally trusting in the LORD with all her heart (Prov 3:5,6)

  22. Releases her soul to dream big! (Eph.3:20)

  23. Raises her hands—and her marriage, her family, her other loved ones and anyone else the LORD brings up to her—to Him

  24. Risks being criticized and looking like a fool to people while obeying the LORD

  25. Regards the LORD as holy, and is herself becoming holy (not religious, but adhering to His Word)

  26. Reiterates what the LORD has spoken to her in His Rhema Word and His written Word

  27. Rights wrongs—asks forgiveness, confesses her sins to the LORD, confronts by speaking the Truth in love, including correcting her children and otherwise acts as the LORD leads

  28. Resets herself when attacked by the enemy, with the Word, prayer, Godly counsel from trusted leaders (especially those who cover her), praise and worship, time alone with the Master Healer and Restorer

  29. Rests in the LORD, knowing He has “got her back” and is smiting her enemies and making a way of escape

  30. Reveres the LORD—His Presence, His Word, His Presence, His people, His ways

  31. Restores to others what they are due, as led by the LORD—through intercession, through personal involvement, and however else He leads

  32. Respects the LORD and His ways; respects others as better than herself; respects herself as a marvelous creation of God

  33. Regenerates herself with time with the Master Lover of her soul



Tonja K. Taylor is the author of many works, including THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! series. She and her husband Clayton minister the Word through teaching, preaching, and the arts, through River Rain Creative Arts on You Tube, God Tube), their church, and beyond.



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