by Sue Darling



Psalm 145:14, The Lord upholds all who fall, and raises up all who are bowed down.

The secret in serving God is to remain humble in times of great success or in failure. Being honest and admit to God from your heart that without Him you are nothing. That is true humility. When we fall we tend to think we are so bad that God cannot forgive us. That is false humility. True humility will acknowledge our successes, failures, lowliness and our complete dependence on God. God's love and mercy will raise us up, because if we are truly humble God cannot resist healing us and loving us. When we haven't fallen {far as we are concern} we tend to think we are very good by our own strength. That is our pride talking. We cannot do anything good without the aid of God's grace. When we come to realise that, that's when God blesses us with all sorts of things, mostly spiritual things. And that's when we learn not to rely on our own strength but call on Jesus to give us the grace to do the will of our heavenly Father. It doesn't how many times we fall, we will no longer be surprise that we can fall, because we will know that we are a sinner, so what do you expert from sinners, they fall, but rather be surprise and rejoice that God can love us so much despite of our sins. That is humility. For all those who are striving to serve God with true humility, love and complete trust, this verse is for you.
Luke 6:23, "Be happy! Yes leap for joy! For a great reward awaits you in heaven."

I believe that Christian don't often think just how powerful their prayers can be, so they pray for small things and only for people they know. I believe in praying big because I know God wants to do great things through us. 
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