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  • Hey, what's up man ...Thanks for the love

  • Shalom,, wuz good my dude ... hope all is well.

  • Thx for the encouragement. You be blessed too. :)

  • GBU Man of God! All is well thank you.

  • Cool I can dig it... I like the up to date news. Awesome!




  • Shalom Bro! I just wanted to say happy birthday to you!

  • hey, i'm actually in the process of starting up this homeless center,since the state dropped the ball in that department. how are you?

  • that's what it is, Glory be to God! stay connected with me my dude..

    get some free tracks/merch as well.. shalom



  • Thanks a lot.

  • God Bless Family.. I pray your doing well.. and thanks for the comment.. If you would like a free copy of blaze torch album which includes the remix visit  hit him up on 

    God Bless Mike
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