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Artist: Rezurrection
Album: Back 2 Tha Truth
Release Date: 2021-01-22
Track List:
01 Back 2 Tha Truth
02 McFly
03 Preach It Right
04 Chainz (feat. Erica Mason)
05 Wake Up
06 Wax on Wax Off
07 Can't Stop Praisin' (feat. Emcee N.I.C.E.)
08 Low (feat. Keasha)
09 Barz on Barz (feat. Sone, Branded & Emcee N.I.C.E.)
10 Sinner's Prayer (feat. Corey & Nae Thompson)
11 Flux Capacitor
12 King and I (feat. Von Won)
13 Got Yo Back (feat. Ric Sincere)
14 In the Rain
15 Bended Knee (feat. Nikki Joy)
16 More Than a Friend (feat. Jasmine Seveah)
17 Soul Cry (feat. Jerrell Golden)
18 All in (feat. Toyalove)
19 Beauty of Becoming (feat. Alicia Whitney)
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Wilmington, NC - Where to start? 2020 was quite a year. There are the clearly obvious issues: the loss of Kobe Bryant, COVID-19, social issues, businesses closing, and families losing everything in the “Year of the Mask”. When you lay it all out, you see chaos. You may even lose a little hope. Even so, these things worked in harmony as God continued to show His faithfulness.

In 2020, BrodieDaVinci experienced many of life’s monumental moments. He got engaged, became a father, and signed a record deal. Now he delivers his debut project for Rapture Ready Productions North, ‘Harmony’, on January 22, 2021.

“When looking back over the year and really thinking about God’s hand and where He showed up in all of this, it made me do some soul searching,” explains Brodie. “I became a new person this year. I developed characteristics and qualities that I never noticed in myself before. I became more giving, understanding, and patient. I like to think that God used every single part of 2020 in HARMONY to help me become the man that I am in this moment.”

‘Harmony” is an eight song project that can be heard across digital outlets.

Spotify Link to the album

Release Details

Title: Harmony
Label: Rapture Ready Productions (RRP) North Release Date: January 22, 2021


About BrodieDaVinci

Christian Erickson (aka BrodieDaVinci) is a 27-year-old Christian Hip-Hop artist who currently resides in Wilmington NC. When he graduated high school, Christian decided that he was going to pursue ministry, which led him in leading and helping with a few different youth groups. While doing ministry, he was working on music and doing shows around the city. He has released many different albums and projects, while even engineering multiple projects for other artists as well. The Lord has placed Christian in many places over his life where he developed skills and learned lessons that have shaped him into the man he is today. November 1, 2020 Christian signed his first record deal with Rapture Ready Productions and Rapture Ready North. You can find his music on all streaming platforms where your favorite artists' music is found by simply searching BrodieDaVinci.

Here is also a lyric video to his track:
Lyric Video "Eyeing Me"
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Proverbs 21:2 “My way or the highway!” Sometimes we can have that attitude when making decisions. But what is driving that mindset? We may not always know why we act this way. But God does! He checks the motive of our hearts. When we’re planning our lives and making decisions, we should ask God to reveal our hearts and flush out our motives.
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Every year Nike releases a Chinese New Year-themed sneaker capsule and every year there’s at least one standout silhouette that is a must-cop. In 2021, though, the Swoosh may have outdone itself with the above “Bred” Nike Air Jordan 1 Low.

The sneaker perfectly blends the classic black and red colorway with ox-themed embroidery and gold detailing in the form of a tassel and the aforementioned embroidery. To wrap things up, the sneaker arrives in a special box that resembles the OG Air Jordan box, with a CNY-themed twist.

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Brand: CLOT x Nike

Model: Air Jordan 14 Low

Release Date: February 8

Price: $195

Buy: TBA

Editor’s Notes: CLOT and Nike are back together for a new collaboration, one that centers around the Air Jordan 14. The upcoming release finds Edison Chen and company bringing the “Terracotta” theme to the Jumpman silhouette following 2018's “Terracotta” Air Jordan 13 Low.

Similar to the Air Jordan 13 Low, the Air Jordan 14 Low is outfitted with a Terracotta Warrior armor plate on the upper. Dots then appear on the side panel in two's and three's as a nod to Michael Jordan. The tongue of the sneaker is meant to mimic a traditional Chinese scroll, here emblazoned with CLOT and Jordan branding. Further homage to CLOT's Chinese heritage emerges at the heel, which is decorated with a traditional Chinese knot and coin.

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How do you feel about change. If you're like me, the answer to that question depends on the kind of change we're talking about. Upgrading your living room, furniture buying a new car, getting that long-awaited promotion at work. now Those are changes that we can get behind, but change isn't, always easy and it certainly isn't always welcome. Is it the reality is that life is full of change? You know this change is the one thing that our world and your life will never be short of  maybe you miss the days of being able to go to the grocery store without any level of fear or anxiety about getting sick. Maybe you've lost your job, maybe you've seen your retirement account dip to a scary, low level. Maybe a loved one got a diagnosis, no matter what it is. change can be difficult, scary and unsettling because it's a departure from the known and familiar into the unknown and unfamiliar


So what do we do? Well, we cling to the one who will never change, Jesus. the writer of Hebrews tells us that he's the same yesterday today and forever, one of the incredible things about the character of christ is that he never changes. There's no guessing game. Leaving us wondering which Jesus is going to show up to work today, he's always gracious, no matter what you do he's always with you, No matter what you face, he is always at work, no matter what happens to you he's always good, no matter the circumstances and even when your earthly security is rattled or taken away. Your eternal security is never shaken and is a hope to cling to, because Jesus will always be victorious. He never changes. Some change is good. Some change is necessary, but most change is difficult and scary. Yet we can find hope and confidence in the fact that jesus never will.

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Michelle Obama came to Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday wearing a plum suit and matching overcoat, and everyone lost their minds.

Melina Mara / Getty Images
The look, by Black American designer Sergio Hudson, also came with a gold belt.

People were immediately obsessed with the fit.


Sure, Biden may be president, but Michelle's outfit made her queen.

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On Wednesday morning, just before noon, Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States, with former U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris sworn in as vice president.

The inauguration was held as there was a tight security presence throughout Washington, D.C. in response to the recent riot at the U.S. Capitol. There was a smaller than usual crowd at National Mall due to the security concerns and pandemic.

Nevertheless, the widely-watched event featured the 78-year-old becoming the oldest president in U.S. history and Harris becoming the first female and first black vice president in U.S. history.

Christian leaders from across the political spectrum offered responses, with many focusing on positive messages for the incoming administration.

The following pages highlight reactions from five prominent Christian leaders to the inauguration and the overall transition of power from Donald Trump to Biden.

Russell Moore

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, tweeted his congratulations to the new president.

“Congratulations to President @JoeBiden. You have my prayers for blessing, wisdom, health, and success in leading our country,” posted Moore, getting more than 2,500 likes in fewer than three hours.

Moore had been a years-long critic of Trump. He recently stated in an opinion column that if he had been a member of Congress, “I would vote to impeach.”

“And if I were a United States senator, I would vote to convict. And I would be willing, if necessary, to lose my seat to do so. As a matter of fact, I am willing, if necessary, to lose this seat,” wrote Moore.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski

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So this devotion was birthed out of honesty. This past week, for me, I found myself in a mental space. That was just I don't know how else to put it but overloaded. Okay, so just with everything going on, everything being exposed, I was doing a ton of research, all good things to be researched. You know, doing your research, being informed, asking questions. All of those things are amazing. However, I felt like I had pieces of my mind and this topic and this topic and this one and this one this one and this one is trying to be a good wife trying to be a great mom, I'm trying to be intentional with my home and then also like, spiritually just trying to remain close with Jesus. So there was just a lot like I feel like I just was becoming very spread thin, especially like emotionally um. Just how much I was focusing on these crazy topics that are coming up and being exposed right now in the world, and I just felt the holy spirit say you are only going to be as effective as you are focused, so you're only going to be effective As effective in the kingdom like for God's work, you're only going to be as effective as you are focused and that just hit me so hard because I just realized.

Even though I am putting my heart into amazing things but also really trying to be aware of what's going on right now and just looking at that through the lens of hope. There came a point where I just felt like I am almost doing nothing other than researching and getting overwhelmed with these topics, because it's so much and it's so heavy right I mean I'm sure you guys have felt this too, that I was like wait. What am I actually doing like outside of social media? What am I doing outside of researching and obviously praying, but how can I be more effective? How can I really do what it is the thing that God's calling me to do, because we all play a role. We all play a part, so what is my part, and so I just felt like for me. I had to take a couple days off of Instagram and those few days off, Instagram like literally not logging on at, were so beneficial to me and if you are feeling overwhelmed and it's you know it's because of social media honestly do a detox even If it's like two days three days, I think I did three or four days and it was so nice I felt like. I could finally just gather my thoughts and not continue to be bombarded, and I feel like there's just so much going on that it's almost hard to process as quickly as we're getting the information. I just felt like this urge to get focused and focus on what it is that God was calling me to do because, like I said, we're all gonna have different parts. We're all gonna play different roles, but if we are so easily distracted and like I said it could be with good things, but if we're so easily distracted, how effective can we really be, and so that just hit so hard. I

Was actually listening to a podcast. I was listening to the story that they were talking about about being focused. So it was this guy who did this experiment basically, and he had a balloon and two different light sources: okay and one of the light sources was laser focus so really small like pinpoint light and then the other one was more like flashlight types, where it's dispersing in a big area, and they were saying that in the experiment he used these two different light sources that had the exact same. Basically, but one popped. The balloon and the other one did nothing to the balloon, and so they were saying that the one that were laser focused actually had enough energy in that little dot to pop this balloon, but the one that were dispersed in a greater area, even though it had the exact same amount of y, exact, same amount of energy being dispersed made no effect, so I just was thinking about that and I'm like we as believers need to get laser focused because I feel like um. If we all know what we are called to do, if we all know what we're called to pray for, then we can really make a huge impact because we're going to be dialed in we're going to be focused and we're going to do that thing that the Lord's telling us to do, which I think will be so much more effective than just becoming overloaded and so distracted and that we're just like almost like paralyzed in, like okay, I'm overwhelmed what the heck to do. So I just wanted to encourage you today. If you are feeling the overwhelmed fulfilling all the chaos that's going on, take a step back and really get focused. Another thing that the lord's supposed to be giving to speaking to me is that we can't be as humans. We cannot be passionate about every single topic that comes up in the world. Of course we can feel for it and we can hurt for it, and you know our hearts can go out to it, but I just was thinking like I cannot be crazy, passionate about all of these topics, because I'm gon na go on like again overload almost Like I don't know, just like compassion overload like there's only so much that we can handle mentally and so find that one thing um that god is calling you to. I want to share with you guys this verse that I think will just encourage you as well. So it's actually in Hebrews again.


Hebrews 11:33-38

New American Standard Bible

33 who by faith conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, 34 quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight. 35 Women received back their dead by resurrection; and others were tortured, not accepting their [a]release, so that they might obtain a better resurrection; 36 and others [b]experienced mocking and flogging, and further, chains and imprisonment. 37 They were stoned, they were sawn in two, [c]they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented 38 (people of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts, on mountains, and sheltering in caves and holes [d]in the ground.


Wow okay, that is powerful, oh my goodness, all of that done by faith and then skipping ahead to Hebrews 12:2. It says…


2 looking only at Jesus, the [a]originator and perfecter of the faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.


Okay, so as believers we just need to get so focused, we need to get rid of distractions. I think for our age, a lot of it and honestly for any age. Right now is social media and, like I said, there's so much coming at us that it's a lot for our brains to process. It's a lot for our hearts to process, and I also just wanted to encourage you to. I really felt like, just in my spirit this week, I just felt like there were almost like two different, like sets of people right now, people who are ready and equipped and ready to like going into this battle that we are almost being called into to Be just the light bearers and all this exposed darkness that's going on right now, but there's also people who and you could be a mix of both. There's also people, and I really felt this is important to want to go forward, and you know be making huge strides in these areas, but need to be very intentional and diligent and healing, okay and healing it might be in your marriage. It might be in your family, it might be a relationship, it might be something if there is an open wound in your heart, and you know it and you can feel it.


I just want to encourage you, don't try to rush ahead and do all these amazing things. I think more than anything God wants you healthy, and he wants you whole and a healed heart is so much more effective, and just I mean really even just for our minds for our mental stability. I feel like having those unresolved wounds can be such a great stumbling block, even if it's not right now, it could be in the future for you. And so I just even was thinking about that for myself too, like you know before I can go forward And doing this like okay, I really need to make sure that this is healthy. This is whole. This is healed.


So I just have been thinking about that. A lot too. That know that it's okay, that if you need to take some time for some healing in your heart, I feel like there might be some of you who are watching that you know that that is for you, and so, if it is, I just want to encourage You that healing is so hard, and it is, I mean it can be gut-wrenching at times, but it is always worth it, and that is God's heart for us is to walk in full healing. If you're feeling that I think that it'll resonate with you - and hopefully you feel encouraged by that. So I just want to encourage you guys this week we're only as effective as we are focused and I think that the enemy right now Is really trying so hard to distract us in so many different areas. So I want to encourage you to get focused, even take some time after watching this devotional to just sit with the lord and just pray and ask him: God: is there anywhere that I am you Know spending more time that I really shouldn't be or is there someone? Is there a certain thing? That's really distracting me. Is it social media? Is it on tv? Is it Netflix like? Am I wasting time on things that I shouldn't be wasting time to really think about that and then ask god: where do you want me to pour into if you have no idea or if you're just like, I don't even know what to do or where to Give to or who to help or you know what to pursue, what dream to go after just sit and take time with the lord. It might not be an instant answer, but I promise you. He is so faithful that if you keep praying and if you keep asking, he will absolutely show you even if it's just five minutes. I know that there's so many of you guys who are like I'm. I just want to encourage you, even if you have five minutes, spend five minutes with the lord and just see what happens, even if it's in worship or if it's just in Prayer. I hope this isn't weird, but I actually just wanted to pray for you guys in the prayer of your week. 


Jesus, I just thank you for every single person that is watching this video right now, god I thank you, lord, that you have such a mighty and big plan for them, and god I just ask you Jesus that if they are distracted in any area of god that You would so lovingly reveal that and God that you would bring it to light so that we can be focused daughters in your kingdom and makes the impact that you want us to make Jesus. So I just pray  God for your blessing over them. Lord, I pray God. Just  just to release Lord of your goodness and of your blessing and of your favor and lord, that you would lead the rest of their week this week. Lord Jesus name amen. 

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Louisiana - Named as one of Trackstarz 2021 Next Up artists, Reece Laché is continuing to build on her momentum from 2020 with her new single “Busta”. 


“Busta” is a hard hitting, melodic record featuring Adrion Butler. With production from Paven Melody, Laché is in her bag delivering high energy and poignant lyrics. No matter how dark our days may seem, no matter how often the enemy tells us he has victory, we know the promises of our God and we can let our adversary know that “he’s a busta”.


As 1 Peter 5:8 reminds us, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”


Laché not only catches the ears of listeners with her skilled delivery and ability to craft a song, but she is on a mission to remind all who will hear about the message of hope that we have been given; to rally us all to remember that we do not have to believe the lies we are being whispered; that we have strength and victory through Christ.


“Busta” is only the start, so come along for the ride in 2021. It’s going to be a good one!


Follow and Support Reece Laché: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok 


Song Details

Title: Busta

Artist: Reece Laché

Release Date: January 18, 2021

Featuring: Adrion Butler

Production: Paven Melody

Engineering: International Show


About Reece Laché

Reece Laché is a Christian Hip Hop artist born and raised in Louisiana. “Who” I am is being grounded in “who” God says I am. I chose to be a “who” in the likeness of him. That’s the agenda. My music is full of passion, love, and inspiration.



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It's very easy to get so worried about the challenge facing you that you just freeze up and quit. It's very easy to get discouraged. It's very easy to feel that your problem is so big and so scary that there's really no way you can get out from under it. 

You might as well just give up. You might as well lose all hope. If any of these enter your frame of mind, you are simply just taking the path of least resistance. You're looking at the situation from the perspective of somebody who wants to do the least work.

If you are serious about coming out on top and achieving unstoppable victory, every challenge does not have to be scary. Every challenge does not have to have the potential of crushing you and stealing your dreams.

Instead, if you have the right mindset, every challenge is actually going to be an opportunity. Think about it. If you are faced with a challenge that really pushes you back against the wall and incentivizes you to step up your problem solving skills, what do you think will happen?  

That's right. Your natural imagination, resourcefulness and creativity are triggered. You figure out a way. If you can't get through the front door, you will try the roof. If the roof doesn't work, you try the basement. If the basement is blocked off for whatever reason, you will try the side door. If that doesn't work, then you will try the back door.

If today is not an option, then you will try tomorrow. If that is off limits, then you will try the next day. In other words, you challenge yourself to become a more competent person all around by tackling every challenge you come across.

One of the most powerful revelations you could ever realize is that every challenge is doable if you chop it down to size. Every challenge actually has many different moving parts. If you pick these apart and you attack one piece at a time in many different sequences, chances are you will achieve a breakthrough.

If anything, you become a different person as you go through this problem solving process. This is what a lot of people miss out on. They're always looking for the short cut or, worse yet, they're waiting for somebody to pull them out of their situation because they have completely given up on coming up with a solution of their own.

If any of this sounds familiar and you are sick and tired of being stuck where you are as far as your challenges and your self confidence goes, click here for a practical road map for developing real self confidence.


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John 14:27 Peace is a gift from God. But oftentimes our definition of peace may not align with heaven’s definition. Peace is strength, but it is also the ability to remain under control amid chaos. As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day let us be encouraged by his example of peaceful living.
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The Pentagon will break with recent tradition by refusing to engage in an armed forces farewell or throw Donald Trump’s requested military-style parade as the president leaves office on Wednesday.

Trump wants an extravagant goodbye – not unlike the exuberance he exuded during his presidency – despite his recent fallout of favor with middle-of-the-line Republicans following the storming of the Capitol earlier this month, which Democrats impeached him for last Wednesday claiming he ‘incited an insurrection.’

The president wanted his departure from Washington to involve a ‘military-style sendoff and a crowd of supporters,’ a person who has discussed the matter with Trump told CNN.

Two senior Defense officials told Defense One that no military farewell is being planned for the commander in chief.

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Source: Daily Mail

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Any church leader who’s been in ministry for more than a few months has heard different variations of it: I’m looking for a church that meets my needs.

What are you going to do to better meet my needs?

I’m leaving this church to find one that better suits my needs.

The longer a Christian has been in church, the more likely it is that they’ve uttered a phrase or two like this from time to time.

I’m not against changing churches. I think everyone has one or maybe two church changes in them. Leaders change. The effectiveness of churches can vary in different seasons. And occasionally a church is downright toxic. I get that.

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Source: Church Leaders



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As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches, two pastors will join the mayor of San Francisco to host a virtual teach-in honoring King’s legacy and educating viewers on how they can be involved in carrying that legacy forward.

“I don’t think it’s an accident that what happened January 6, and its aftermath, is leading in to the celebration of such an amazing prophet who called himself a drum major for justice, a drum major for peace,” the Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III told Fox 4 News.

Haynes is an activist and the pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He will lead the teach-in along with Mayor London Breed and the Rev. Dr. George Mason, the senior pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.

4th Annual King Teach-In Focuses on Opportunity Amid Challenges
The 4th Annual King Teach-In will take place Saturday, Jan. 16, at 11 a.m. CT. Viewers can register for the free event here or watch the discussion via their preferred social media platform. The teach-in will be livestreamed on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Friendship-West’s website.

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Source: Church Leaders


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A quick read on items of interest for the NFL’s divisional playoffs…


Lamar Jackson vs. Josh Allen. While the “History Channel Showdown” featuring Tom Brady and Drew Brees assures that at least one legendary quarterback will advance to the NFC Championship Game, the “Saturday Night Special” in Buffalo dictates that at least one of the young guns from the 2018 NFL draft class is headed to their first AFC title game, having broken through last weekend to win their first playoff games.

And if Baker Mayfield and Co. can spring an upset, the Class of ’18 would have two of its members squaring off for a chance to advance to Super Bowl LV. Funny, though, that the winner on Saturday night could be determined by the legs of the quarterback as much or more so than by the arms. Sure, Allen’s improvement as a more accurate passer this season has been spectacular. Even though he’s running less than in the past, the win-or-go-home stakes of the playoffs dictates that the power-running threat from the physical quarterback (6-5, 237) is as real as ever. Perhaps he is most dangerous, though, when using his legs to extend plays that allows him to unleash his rocket arm. Jackson, meanwhile, on a hot streak since coming off the COVID-19 list in early December, has long proven how foolish the pre-draft comments were from Hall of Fame GM Bill Polian, who suggested that he switch to receiver because he didn’t project as a classic passer. Oops. Break out the videotape from crunch time of the Monday night dramatics in Cleveland for a reminder of just how lethal the league’s reigning MVP can be as a passer. Even though Jackson has passed for 200 yards just once during the Ravens’ six-game winning streak, he’s notched four games during that span with an efficiency rating above 100. He can throw dimes when needed. And with the Ravens style of power football, winning without huge passing stats from Jackson is a good thing for the flow of winning. Especially the constant threat that Jackson is just as likely to pop off a big play to juice the league’s top rushing attack, as the momentum-swinging 48-yard TD bolt last weekend against the Titans illustrated. There’s always a premium on running in the playoffs. Yet with Jackson and Allen poised to produce their own brand of history, even that concept is ever-evolving.

Pressure’s on

Tom Brady. In 14 games against other opponents during the regular season, Brady was sacked just 14 times. In two games against the Saints, the Bucs quarterback was dumped six times. Not the ideal pattern as Tampa Bay tries to prevent a “three-sweep” by New Orleans. Protecting TB12 is always essential, but it has an added layer because he’s thrown more deep passes than any quarterback in the league while running Bruce Arians’ “no risk it, no biscuit” offense. Much heat during the first two matchups came from Trey Hendrickson, who led the Saints with 13 ½ sacks and collected three sacks in the two games against the Bucs by working over left tackle Donovan Smith. Hendrickson, though, is nursing effects from a stinger. Keep watch. Still, it’s a group thing that the Bucs are contending with, which includes the coverage on the back end. Brady was lured to Tampa to win the type of big games we’ll see on Sunday, but he can’t do that without airtight protection when it matters most.

Key matchup

Marshon Lattimore vs. Mike Evans. In sweeping the Bucs the past two seasons, the Saints have used their aggressive, physical cornerback, Lattimore to almost exclusively lock down on the Bucs’ big-play receiver. And it has worked like a charm. Evans hasn’t scored a touchdown against New Orleans in the past four games, had just one catch in Week 1 and was shut out in one of the 2019 games. And he hasn’t had more than 69 yards in any of of the contests. Unless proven less effective, expect the Saints to employ more of the same on Sunday. This has to burn Evans, given the depth of their personal beef. In 2017, Evans drew a one-game suspension from the NFL for running across the field and blasting Lattimore as some form of retaliation. The feeling of bad blood has long seemed mutual between these two.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Jarrett Bell


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