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  • Cool. You'are always dropping mixtapes; lol. I'm also writing a Christian fiction novel that will be part of a life-long series and franchise for Heaven's Disciples. Right now, I just have an outline. How far are you in the book?

  • What's up, Prince Malachi? What projects have you been working on?

  • Thank you brother. Its an honor to be here, Christ Up!

  • Thank you. I am just blessed to see another year.

  • Def understandable. Just attempting to enjoy the last few hours of my birthday at home.

  • I am blessed, and yourself?

  • Shalom to you as well! thanks bunches for the welcome this should be interesting can't wait to meet new people like myself ! #teamjesus :-)
  • thank you letting me on to this site i work for teen challenge and msny of our students are into rap hiphop but know of no christian style
  • Thanks!

  • Yeah, that's fine I have the perfect song for it...

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