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  • Hey, Brotha Malachi. We haven't spoken in a while. Thanks for approving our record label's group.

    I took down that Internet Business and Marketing site, by the way. The Lord wanted me to create a Music Business and Marketing social network in its place. Did you end up setting up a GMail account with your domain name? If not, I'll send you the instructions today. I stopped giving out free CRHH GMail accounts because I don't know how people are going to use them with our domain name. I use our Heaven's Disciples GMail accounts for my Team instead.

    How's the work going with The Oracle Mag? I remember reading your blog the last time I was here. Is the blog still up? What are your plans with The Oracle Mag? I wish I had more time to post content on our network of websites, but it seems I'm always designing, developing, and marketing all the time. LOL. I see you've been posting a lot of content on here. That's really great for Search Engine Optimization!

    Maybe we can talk in your chat room sometime and share some experiences, since we're both webmasters.

  • hey prince wakeeem.. wuz good my dude lol. st8 up shaka style.. yo crazy video right there. anyhow i just posted a few videos up.

    also the mxitape is getting great views on my youtube channel peep it.

    promo my dude.. Glory to God!

    from whom all blessings flow

  • Whut up bruh...thanks for the greets. Yeah, let's get the hype crackin for 7vn's new EP, this is history baby! Wu Tang affiliate coming to Christ and keeping it real on the Mike! Word, we need this stuff!
  • Thank so much Tyran

    Omogo Reloaded

  • Thank You, YAH bless!
  • did you call dj g bless yet?

  • Thank you Malachi for allowing me to join this Family online.  Thanks for the positive and encouraging words and approval of my posts.
  • Thanks Big G!!! I'm glad to have found this unique Fam online. Prasie God!
  • Thank you for the comment regarding my loss. I am much better and more energized plus focused.

    I miss sharing and working with you. I hope we may shall the visions of God's work again as laborers together in the Kingdom's work..

  • Amen. The true struggle begins when we find Yashua, knowing  that you have the power of Yah spirit to overcome.
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