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  • Wow... I humbly accept your comments. I appreciate the compliments. Trust me when I say that any Good that comes from me, music or teaching, that is 'good' comes from our father above. I am a weak, fragile, disobediant child without Jesus' strength.
  • shalom my dun... did you cop the mixtape yet?
  • Thanks a lot bro much luv!
  • Thank You for your support! I hope you log on and share my website stay blessed!
  • peace J, yo the mixtape has been delayd my friend... soon as i get word yo from dj wadeos end ill blast that mugg out so folk can get it... satan think he can play games i got something for him though.. 1luv 7vn
  • Good looking out homie!
  • Peace my dude... all i can say is Glory be to God from whom all blessings flow. i know i was pulled out the word  for this Glory... the album will be annointed and raw and nothing but the word of God! just help me spread the word my dude is all i can ask from anyone cuz i aint here for politics  im here for the Gospel to be used in the music he gave me to give back to him ya digg... ok brah stay connected my man... 1luv 7vn

  • Thanks for the comment. Yeah I have a brand new label and I am about to drop the first project. REKONCILED is the name of the group and the album is Struggles & Victory. We are excited about it! You can check out the singles at Appreciate you, fam!
  • What's good bro, I'm just reaching out. I do love the Lord and need brothers to encourage me in the faith. We need each other as one body to uplift and be accountable to one another. I sent a friend request, so let's connect.
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