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  • Happy birthday to my good friend. Y'Shua Shalom!

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  • Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!~ I’m Thankful for You .~

    Thanksgiving is the appointed time
    for focusing on the good in our lives.
    In each of our days,
    we can find small blessings,
    but too often we overlook them,
    choosing instead to spend our time
    paying attention to problems.
    We give our energy
    to those who cause us trouble
    instead of those who bring peace.
    Starting now,
    let’s be on the lookout
    for the bits of pleasure in each hour,
    and appreciate the people who
    bring love and light to everyone
    who is blessed to know them.
    You are one of those people.
    On Thanksgiving,
    I’m thankful for you.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    ~ God Bless. And Thank You for being my friend

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    “Build A Road”

    Don't be afraid of tomorrow
    Build a road day by day
    Mark it for others to follow
    Finding joy and peace on their way.

    A road wide and lined with trees
    And shade for travelers to rest
    It has been wisely designed
    To climb to a sun-washed crest.

    A road built to summon travelers on
    From a green valley to a high hill
    With a moonlit sky and a night so still
    To the glorious promise of dawn.

    On this road there is no sorrow
    Don't be afraid of tomorrow
    Angels walk with us day and night
    Leading to God's eternal light.

    ~Glenna M. Baugh~

    “Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

    Enjoy your right now! :)
  • yeah, u cud say that with ease u know.
    Thanx for the msg.
  • Quite a while i havnt logged on to this site. let me leave it st busy schedules. Well, just dropped in today and saw ur msg. its been long though. Thanks.
  • “Hope”

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    Hope is a word that every hurting heart understands.

    Hope shines brighter than the brightest star
    on the darkest night.

    Faith is bigger than the highest mountain.
    And God is greater than any obstacle in your path.

    Anything can be accomplished by those who fully put their hearts into it. The time to start is now; the place to start is here.

    May hope cast its special light upon your path and God bless everything you touch in the hours, days, and moments still to come.

    Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12
  • How are you?
    Thanks for accepting my request
    much love and many blessings to ya Coyfee!!
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