With YouTube Music, YouTube is ready to dominate the streaming market with a music app built upon its video empire. YouTube Music has an app with a truly unique interface, an unparalleled content library, and more than a few kinks to work out, but YouTube Music is here to stay and here to compete.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music, and other competitors, YouTube Music is a streaming platform that gives you easy access to official song audio and videos in one single place. It's free to use, but paying for the Premium version gives you a much more powerful experience with a host of additional features.

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YouTube Music is built on a gold mine. YouTube is not only the most used video platform in the world; it might be the biggest catalog of professional, semi-professional, and amateur music available in the world. This isn't the first time Google has tried to capitalize on this, but this time is different. YouTube's music team has finally gotten its act together and made us all a mixtape full of promises.

But can it follow through on them?

YouTube Music review: A mixtape full of promise

The service starts at $9.99/month — but no one should pay that

Go Premium

Getting started

Get your library built

YouTube Music is an adjustment from traditional music services — especially because it's based

What's happening to Google Play Music? Where's my likes and playlists?

Old vs new

Google wants all of its Play Music subscribers to migrate over to YouTube Music at some point. That means YouTube Music will be adding most of Google Play Music's tentpole features — the biggest of which is Google Play Music's free 50,000 song music locker.

What does YouTube Music mean for Google Play Music

That said, Google Play Music and YouTube Music's libraries and catalogs at the moment are entirely disconnected, and there's quite a bit that has to happen before that can change. The library migration is a long ways off, but in the meantime, Play Music users get two music apps to play with instead of one. So which one should you use?

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