This project is the latest from the former Collision Records frontman since splitting with the label.  Swoope released a handful of singles last year, most of which are included on this project, including “All the Time,” “Never Left,” and the latest, “Hall of Fame.”

Disappointingly, one of his best tracks from 2017, “Lambo” is missing from Sonshine and it’s baffling seeing that the subject matter fits well with the overall narrative of the album; however, the project holds up well despite its absence.

For those looking for something as the kids would say, litty, there is plenty throughout the project like “Hall of Fame,” “Flex,” or “All the Time.” One of the many stand- out lines for me is this:

Gotta find a way to monetize black twitter, so they gotta pay if they tryna laugh with us. –“Old Me”

It’s clear that on that song as well as “Tsnk” and “Black Boy,” Swoope isn’t shying away from sparking real and much-needed conversations in the wake of so much racial injustice in America. What’s also clear is that he isn’t afraid of making music that overtly points people to Jesus even though it’s become a trend to conceal and disguise the gospel message for the sake of making dynamic or relevant music.

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