his imprint, Playwright Music. Produced entirely by K-Drama, the EP is the follow-up to his 2019’s effort, Whetherman.

Elegiac Sessions’ title was inspired by the former NPR Podcast, Microphone Check hosted by Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest & Frannie Kelley. In an interview conducted with Recording Artist/Producer Large Professor, the term, “elegiac” was mentioned & a lightbulb turned on in K-Drama’s mind, establishing the EP. It’s this vocabulary that encapsulates
the landscape of the project.

“To me like the conclusion of a four-part series. Winds & Wavs was the storm, The 8th was the aftermath of the storm, Whetherman was accepting storms in life will come & Elegiac Sessions is moving forward from the storm.”

K-Drama Tracklist:

01 – Catch This Wav ft. Charde Jones
02 – Do What I Do
03 – Gotta Do Better
04 – Why Can’t I Be Myself?
05 – What I Got To Show For It?
06 – Side by Side ft. Sean C. Johnson
07 – Speak to my Situation
08 – We Win Through The Struggle
09 – Highs and Lows

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Taelor Gray – The Straw Man