For the most part, “Church Clothes 2” plays out like a hybrid of Alt-Pop music with Hip Hop sensibilities. Those familiar with Lecrae won’t be surprised that his various cadences are formless enough to tackle a Blues-inspired track like the DJ Official-produced “Devil In Disguise” just as effectively as “The Fever,” which combines elements of both EDM and Dancehall. While the likes of DJ Burn One and fellow Grammy winners Boi-1da and Reach Records A&R and in-house producer Street Symphony all contribute on production, the project has a largely amorphous sound. This most likely serves as a positive for casual fans, looking for the ratchet-inspired tempo of “I’m Turnt” without the MDMA and debauchery that come to mind when most people hear the phrase, “Turn Up.” But when coupled with the broad strokes that Lecrae tends to favor, it adds up to a project that doesn’t particularly function on multiple levels. Read More Here