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The Second City has a dual meaning in that it is a reference to his father's heritage of being from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and an illustration of God's eternal kingdom. Malcolm's Jamaican influences add flavor throughout the EP, both musically and vocally. He can easily turn his accent on and off while rapping which aids in the diverse rhythm and flow that he brings to the table. Malcolm's skills as a lyricist and rapper, which have been apparent on several tracks from his previous works, are on full display here. The heavily braggadocious lyrics from his debut are once again toned down which really helps empower the message of grace and mercy in every song. Malcolm digs into his own prideful heart and the sinful condition of humanity and gives a full picture of God's grace. Backed by chest-pounding bass, album highlight "Been There"--which has some of the best bars on the EP-- illustrates this exceptionally well: "Selfish inside / we filled up with pride / we don't wanna serve / we wanna be heard / we wanna be rich / we frown on the poor / look down on the Lord / no trust anymore / too hurt from before / we close every door that lead to truth and revival / truth and revival / we feed off the idols that have consumed us / really the truth is we all have a Judas" and then points to Jesus as the perfecter of our corrupted hearts: "I don't know much but what I do know we're set free / all the captives living in bondage Children we are all His / We are all His." The gospel-centered lyrics throughout the EP are supported with personal stories dealing with lust or what it's like to have an absent drug-dealing father and an alcoholic mother.Read More Here

The new EP resumes Malcolm’s biographical journey that begins with his father’s deportation and separation, followed by a painful childhood and teenage years, before Malcolm finds his own journey through Christ. Four of the five songs convey Malcolm’s Reggae Jamaican heritage, while the closing ballad, “Even Louder (feat. Leeland Mooring),” delivers a powerful worship message. Malcolm once again co-wrote all of the songs on the project, and was joined with such high-profile writers as Charles Anderson, Mooring (Bethel Music Collective), Chris Mackey, Joseph Prielozny and Juice Bangers (Cobra Music Group). The Second City Part 2 will release June 8th and will be available at all digital

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The Second City Part 1 released January 2018 and received strong reviews, with NewReleaseToday saying, “exactly what Christian Rap needs right now,” the mainstream Digital Journal stating, “Steven Malcolm delivers on his new EP” and CCM Magazine adding, “a welcomed indication that we’ve only witnessed the beginning of this artist’s potential.”

About Steven Malcolm
Multiple Dove Awards nominee, Steven Malcolm, is scheduled to release his second project in “The Second City” four-part series, The Second City Part 2, on June 8, 2018.  The first EP, The Second City Part 1, released Jan. 26th and was received with critical acclaim. A hip-hop artist from Grand Rapids, Mich., Malcolm released his self-titled debut project for IVAV that resulted in the first single, “Hot Boy,” receiving national recognition from NBA on ESPN, with the second single, “Party In The Hills,” featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” and VH1’s “Black Ink Crew,” while garnering 925,000 views on YouTube. This success led to Malcolm being nominated for three Dove Awards, New Artist of the Year, Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year, along with a powerful live performance of “Party In The Hills” with Hollyn at the Dove Awards. Malcolm was also a featured artist on two high-profile tours last year, “2017 Winter Jam Tour” and Sadie Robertson’s “Live Original Tour.”

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