Raw Material begins with some words from Blackalicious. Are you connected with them?

No, they were just nice enough to give us a shout. I think their music is pretty incredible, so i guess that's a connection.

If I remember well, you classified God as your first center of interest just before hip hop on one of your tracks. I guess you will accept me to ask too many questions on Christian rap.

Christian Rap is a silly term really. I don't classify us as such, but fire away.

Christian Rap used to be considered as a copy, something not innovative, a kind of hip hop equivalent to Diet Coke. But Raw Material got very positive reviews in 2000 and Braille's album as well the year before. Do you think that Christian Rap is now musically mature and relevant?

Again, "Christian Rap", silly. But Christ is relevant. I think the bottom line for me is that God is the center of my life (Dust as well). So, when i go about making music and imparting what's inside to people, God is there in the midst of it all, as well as the driving force. I think Braille makes honest music as well and shows people who he is and who God is to him. I material that is musically mature and relevant is made by people of all walks of life. Likewise, i think trite, crappy music is made by people of all walks of life, belief systems, etc...

What's your position concerning non Christian rap, and more specifically rap whose lyrics are against the Christian moral principles?

I listen to good hip-hop music. Many times, the artists' philosophies and view of life seem bugged to me, but it doesn't make me dislike them or their music. I wish the world was a perfect place and that everyone had a proper perspective on God, but that's how it goes. It won't be the end when everyone is unified on what they know to be true. Read More Here