If you’re one of those who have been paying attention, and you know how great Braille is, you’re still not ready for this album.

The album opens with the dense production of “Get Well Soon.” Hard hitting drums combine with lo-fi (in a good way) looped guitars and a Hammond B3 organ to create a wall of sound. This gives the track a weight that fits well with Braille’s flow, and the lyrical depiction of a society begging for God to be the Great Physician to a generation that needs healing. In my opinion, this is the perfect opening track, as it sets the stage for everything that is to follow. What comes over the next 9 tracks is a collection of beats that form the soundtrack to heartache. Most of the beats, including the aforementioned “Get Well Soon” are created by BigJess from Unknown Prophets, and he shows some real skill. “Give Myself” is a heart wrenching portrait of a man struggling with love and its effects on the hearts of us and those we try to give it to, set to some great keyboard work, and a haunting vocal sample. “Poison” starts out with some very cool swirling wind type sounds, and ends up with a slow drum track, with some keyboard and other samples that combine to give the track a dark, almost apocalyptic feel. The rest of BigJess’ tracks are uniformly excellent, and he uses varied instrumentation to great effect. I love the combination of piano and bass on “Resurrect Me.” My absolute favorite track is “Surgical” which features a sample from the finale of the Stephen Schwartz musical Godspell (specifically, a guitar line and Jesus’ vocals while he is being crucified).

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As good as the beats are, though, Braille is the star. His lyricism and delivery have never been better, and his flow isn’t weighed down by the weighty topics that he has chosen to tackle. In fact, he seems to have come through the trials of life with a few scrapes and scratches, but thanks to his relationship with the Father, no mortal injuries.

 From the concepts to the beats to the lyrics, he has dropped an instant classic.

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