The Huffington Post analyzed the 13 police shooting trials since August 2014 that juries decided. Majority-White juries decided all but two of those cases, which The Post suggests many have influenced the results.

White people are over-represented on juries in recent police shooting cases, @HuffingtonPost finds: 

Few police officers involved in fatal shootings ever face criminal charges. And of those who face a jury, seldom is there a guilty verdict. Why are White-dominated juries unlikely to convict police officers? They are more willing to give officers the benefit of any doubt.

The news outlet pointed to a Cato Institute survey that found 68 percent of Whites held favorable views of their local police department, compared to 40 percent of Blacks who shared that view. There’s a similar disparity on the question of whether law enforcement teats all races equally.

In the 13 cases The Post reviewed, eight involved a police killing of a person of color, 12 of the officers were White, and at least two-thirds of the jurors were White in nine of the trials.

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