How many of you are carrying one or the other Apple gadget in your pockets and love to boast about owning one? Wanna go for the one that is endowed with technologically advanced features to enhance your experience? Well, start saving as you will soon be able to grab one.

After the launch of iPad 2, Apple is planning to roll out it yet another cool gadget named iPhone 5 (the 5th generation iPhone). The rumors of the gadget are flying thick and fast. The disappointing news is that this new gadget would not be out in June/July as reported earlier but September 2011.

Will iPhone 5 deliver best of the rest features? What other specs will it come with? And many more questions like these might be hovering on your mind. If yes, you would undeniably want to spare out time to check out the most anticipated features of iPhone 5.

While the iPhone 5 rumors continue to pour in all over the web that might leave you confused, we thought of coming up with the list of specs we speculate that we’ll be seeing.

So, here’s the list of 20 most – anticipated iPhone 5 features we could see in next generation iPhone.

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1. Expandable memory

iOS devices don’t give you the facility of expandable memory. Users have to compromise on this and have to adjust within the memory storage available. iPhone 5 is expected to offer the users with the expandable memory feature.

2. 4G Support

4G support is actually the big mystery till date. We genuinely don’t know if iPhone 5 will support the latest ‘4G’ network from AT&T and Verizon or not. But we would anyday love to see the 4G Network Compatibility feature in iPhone5.

3. Superior voice control

We expect that in the 5th generation iPhone, the enhanced voice control feature will let you compose e-mails or text messages by just using your voice.

4. Video chat

All those using iPhone 4 know well that that FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi. In iPhone 5, we’d like to see an option to use it over a cellular data network which is supported when AT&T’s faster 4G network ramps up.

5. Micro-HDMI out

The current iOS are endowed with 720p or 1080i HD video output. This would anyday be the cool feature users would love to see in the 5th generation iPhone.

6. Removable battery facility

Well, you all know the iPhones up on the market shelves don’t provide you the facility of removing the battery. This is yet another most wanted feature in iPhone 5.

7. Higher Storage Capacity

The maximum storage capacity of iPhones is 32GB. However, this time around with HD videos becoming a common sight, we can expect the iPhone 5 to come with higher storage capacities.

8. Biometric security capability

It is one of the most wanted features that iPhone5 would be loved for and welcomed. Just swiping your finger without the need of entering a password to unlock your phone would indeed be the cool feature.

9. Slimmer, faster and sleeker

With every passing generation, the iPhone is getting slimmer, sleeker and faster. So it won’;t be wrong in expecting iPhone 5 to keep the trend don’t expect the iPhone 5 though we can’t expect drastic change in terms of thickness but there surely will be.

10. Cloud-based syncing

Any gadget that offers the cloud based syncing of data is always given a warm welcome. iOS definitely need cloud-based synchronization and if iPhone 5 comes with this feature, it would be like feather on the cap.

11. NFC-enabled technology

If you’re confused what the NFC technology is, let me tell you it’s a near field communication technology. Rumors are that iPhone 5 will be endowed with the near field communication technology (NFC). The bar code like replacement technology would allow your iPhone to act as a payment device (e-wallet) or even a car key. Sounds cool, huh!

12. Dual-core processor

There are great hopes that the next generation iPhone will come with dual-core processor. Featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores, the next generation iPhone is surely gonna be the best bet.

13. Customizable home screen

The predecessors of iPhone5 don’t come with the customizable home screen. There are good chances that iPhone 5 would come with customizable home screen feature.

14. Flash support

Chances are minimal but flash support is one most wanted feature that users would love to see in iPhone 5. Minimal chances don’t mean, we can’t anticipate such a cool feature. We surely can, so is the reason for us to include it in the list.

15. Enhanced camera

This is indeed one cool feature that can anyday make iPhone 5 the ideal pick. The good news is that there are high chances of it being the reality. iPhone 4 comes with 5 megapixels LED flash camera and the fifth generation iPhone will surely be better in terms of enhanced camera feature.

16. More carriers

We all know that CDMA version of the iPhone has finally come to Verizon so it wouldn’t be too hard to make a Sprint version or T-Mobile.

17. Bigger screen

For all those who love the devices with bigger screen would definitely be looking for this cool feature and there are high chances that Apple might consider expanding the size of its screen to compete with the larger screens on Android smart phones.

18. Better battery life

Apple always promise to enhance this feature so we can expect this time too that the 5th generation iPhone will come with the better battery life.

19. Fewer failed and dropped calls

There are rumors that the fifth generation iPhone 5 will not let the users complain about the failed and dropped calls. AT&T iPhone customers will get relief; perhaps its service will improve.

20. Superior 3D graphics

The predecessor of iPhone 5 are using PowerVR SGX535 chip. We can hope to see iPhone 5 be equipped with PowerVR SGX545 chip for better graphics and 3D acceleration.

Well, we are not sure if all the features listed above would certainly be there in reality but seeing the web world filled with people writing about their expectations from the fifth generation iPhone, you never know ingenious people at Apple consider adding listed cool features to meet up the expectations of the customers thereby enhancing the user’s experience. Feel free to share your viewpoints.

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Comment by Prince Malachi The First on April 27, 2011 at 4:36am
I knew you would like this Rok
Comment by RokDiesel on April 27, 2011 at 1:43am
Awesome article!

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